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【On The Decks】Back When It All Started | Dave Clarke

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A man with few words, Dave Clarke talks to us about his upcoming performance in the first addition of Sónar Hong Kong 2017. The brand has been travelling around the…

BLANKSPACE “They unite to pursue creativity beyond their brains”

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[pukka_pullquote width=”300″ txt_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#2d2d2d” size=”24″ align=”left”]Motto: Even in times of enjoyment, the entertainment factor for everyone else is equally important.[/pukka_pullquote] BLANKSPACE in my eyes is everything but blank, to describe…

【Too Cool For School】Fiery Passion – Ben Chan @ Deep Anger

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創立於1999年的本地設計及時裝品牌Deep Anger,不經不覺已有十多年,由皮革、銀器、飾物到時尚單品,一直以來的設計都保持獨特的粗擴風格。象徵品牌銀色十字架,在純潔的外表下,卻認清了世界的不公,底下蘊藏著沉默的忿怒。自言年紀愈大愈anger的他,與我們進行了一段簡短而實在的對話。

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