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The Beast from the Bronx

Oliver Clasper takes on the origins of hip-hop and how it became the sound of a generation. …

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Interview with Terence Yin

Actor terence yin speaks to boom about his creative process and what led him to embark on his latest music project, the upcoming album T …

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Having been a part of the scene in the home of techno for over a decade, the Minneapolis-born, now Berlin-based producer and DJ Dustin Zahn made his Hong Kong debut …

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Trance: It’s a State of Mind

Trance is the crowd-pleaser that music snobs love to hate. Repetitive and hypnotic, it's simplicity has taken over clubs and made millions for the DJs behind it. …

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The Law of Rap is Ludaversal

Rapstar, actor and businessman, Ludacris is set to destroy Club CUBIC at thrir third anniversary party this month. …

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It doesn’t really matter what you were planning on doing this weekend because what you should be doing is checking out “Friday Night Rocks” (aka The Underground Festival). …

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Thomas Gold, the German wunderkind of progressive house, is playing for one night only at dragon-i on Saturday 1st March. BOOM …… …

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BOOM had a quick chat with No Lights No Lycra to find out a bit more about their dancing in the dark session at XXX next Tuesday… …

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Daughter glided on stage in the evening with the same soft voices and air of companionship that made them so likeable in the interview…… …

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BOOM INTERVIEW: Ásgeir Trausti

21 year old Ásgeir Trausti, the Reykjavik-raised melodic folk singer, has achieved a great deal since finishing high school and turning…… …

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INTERVIEW: Will Sparks

It's been a hectic year for 20-year old Aussie DJ Will Sparks. Jules O’Brien catches up with him before he lands in Macau to find out what…… …

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Techno Music: Extraterrestrial Machine Music

From Afro-futurism to dreams of interplanetary voyages, From the clatter of industrial machinery to the drone of the factor floor Oliver Clasper explores the birth of Techno. …

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