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Are you looking forward to coming to Macau, do you have any expectations? It’s my 2nd time in Macau and I absolutely love how vibrant it is with a great… …

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New Act to Watch Out For: Conro

Canadian producer Conro, born into a musical family with rich backgrounds in classical music, has recently ventured into the world of EDM, and have since been active creating music. His… …

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The Chainsmokers Announce New EP

The countdown timer for their big announcement has been on their website for over a week now, and on 19th October, the timer revealed that it’s going to be a… …

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Disney Bought Out TomorrowWorld

早陣子,世界知名電音派對TomorrowWorld所屬的 SFX娛樂公司宣告破產的消息流出,幾乎震驚了全世界的電音圈。官方更宣布了以往每年定於美國喬治亞洲舉行的TomorrowWorld, 受債務問題所困擾而宣佈破產,導致今屆的2016 TomorrowWorld會取消,令眾多電音迷失望不已。 …

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Turtle Giant & Thud

Bred in the local music scene, Turtle Giant and Thud have made serious international waves. Both gearing up for new releases, we catch up with them to find out how. …

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deadmau5 [-FULLY CHARGED+)

He's an emblem in dance music. Some even call him the Mozart of the digital era. But who is the man beneath the mau5head? …

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Nicky Romero

At 26 years old, the dutch EDM superstar is living the dream. But in the end, he says, there's no place like home. …

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Thomas Gold

From spinning trance in Berlin's underground to racing to the top of the EDM scene, Thomas Gold's got the midas touch - and he isn't afraid to admit it. …

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Interview with Pet Shop Boys

In light of Pet Shop Boys’ upcoming show on the 26th, BOOM talks to Neil Tennant about their Electric show, Hong Kong, and the ultimate dream. …

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