A Pop-Up in New York is Serving Mini Versions of Everything

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Zagat’s Tiny Cafe – situated in Greenwich Village, New York is surprising everyone with the “hottest” food trends in the city, but theres a twist with their menu orders. All these iconic dishes that represents New York is many times smaller than its original pairing. This pop-up store will last from October 27 to October 29, with the help of Magnolia Bakery, Los Tacos and Jacques Torres.

This place serves authentic food, but does not guarantee that you will leave with a stomach full of food. What you’re paying for is the intricate detail and the work in making these tiny versions of the most delicious food around town. All of the food are edible and are said to taste very good.


Los Tacos Adobado Taco


Emily Burger


Emily Luca Pizza


Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie

For all of you that want a bite of this tiny pieces of food art, don’t even think about sharing a plate as that would ultimately end up causing a fight with your best friends.