【Hangover】A Hideout From the Hustle | Halcyon

in F&B

Co-written by Roy Khoo & Sophie Lai

Halcyon situated on the forever buzzing Wyndham Street of Central where all the action takes place yet tucked away nicely in a cozy and welcoming environment. It’s almost too revealing as a venue to be named a bar, exposed to the streets of Central, filled with refreshing breeze. The name itself means “taking a trip down memory lane full of good time”, the grunge interior is filled with subtle gratitude towards music. Vinyls cover the main bar, as lights installations and as wall decorations, a constant reminder of how music is one of their great assets that reaches out to all their customers. The focus on bringing in alternative music ranging outside of the chart toppers is a way of making itself stand out from the ordinary bars you stumble upon blindly, to make its signature brand.

Formerly known as Solas, Halcyon definitely has big shoes to fill. The upscaled interior, decor, music and sound system makes you feel as though it is a brand new establishment, the overall atmosphere gives off a laid-back, nonchalant vibe that draws you in for a chilled night. Paired with one of their drinks, Halcyon has this power of making you think that time has never passed.

The bar manager and staff knows their cocktails well, the focus and passion in making the drinks will leave you in awe before even tasting the beverage. Personally designed and tested, the drinks like ourselves have their own character, from their eye-catching looks to flavours that tingle on your tongue, the whole experience wraps you up into a warm hug.

For a more macho and pungent tasting drink, their signature cocktail or shall we say punch to your tastebuds — Smoke & Bones, is a Whisky based cocktail with Black Pepper and Bone Marrow Fat Wash infused. The smokiness is so strong that sends a quiver to your tastebuds only with a sniff. The significant taste of Smokehead Whisky combined with a meaty base, it creates a lingering taste to your mouth and leaves a great impression, it’s a drink that you’ll either love or hate.

For a lighter choice, Halcyon knows that a refreshing drink would appeal to all drinkers, even those who don’t enjoy a hard drink. The Celery Swank, is one of the healthier choices with fresh juices prepared each day with a shot of vodka. The taste of this is just like one of those juices that you grab on the way to the gym, for a healthy kick, this is your best choice!

Halcyon is a bar that give off a cafe vibe, it invites you to chill and relax with a bunch of friends, it also is a place for all to gather around and have a nice time.

G/F, 60 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
+852 3162 3710