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[pukka_dropcap style=”” txt_color=”White” bg_color=”Black” size=””]N[/pukka_dropcap]ude make up has lately become a hot make up trend because the natural and simple make up is the best way to demonstrate your own unique natural beauty. BB cream with light pinkish lips, are all the things you need for a glowing and healthy skin looking.

But when you go back to the 80s, when you see the decades of Maddona and David Bowie, it is obvious that no matter the make up or couture, both involved sharp colours and exaggerated elements.

Full and dark eyebrows, tough and boyish. The Brow Sword eyebrows pencil from Shu Uemura is the indispensable trick. The unique design of the “sword-like” eyebrows pencil enables you to brush the perfect either thick or thin eyebrows. Using its sword flat surface to brush the eyebrows to the brows end. You can easily have full and dark eyebrows.

People tend to use dark brown, grey or black eye shadows to create deep set eyes and smoky eyes nowadays. In the 80s, sharp colour eye shadows were the tools to get you deep set eyes. Brush the eye shadow from the eyes end with the extending upward movement, it is not necessary to use finger to blend it but just leave the clear-cut shadow lines. Make Up Forever’s Aqua Matic Waterproof Glide-On Eye Shadow is great to help you do it with its pencil design.

The blush colour was not a sun-kissed natural one but brownish colour to raise your cheek bone in the 80s. Tango with Bronzing Powder from NYX offers you dual colour, brown and orange. Using the orange colour on the surface of your cheek bone, and brushing the brown near the bottom edge towards the temple.

Same for the lips, shocking red was always the thing for the 80s. First use the lip liner from Bobbi Brown to create clear lips edge, then fill the lips with Chanel Rouge Coco. You can then get a full and sexy lips with the glossy colour in a second.

The 80s, what a glamorous make up decades.