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In this hot summer, while everybody is trying to keep in shape for their bikinis, I should be writing an article about dieting or exercisig. However, there is a voice that keeps reminding me to write this instead: “Embrace Yourself”.

Mainstream media nowadays keep sending the message of “thin is beautiful” to the public. That is why all the girls in this universe are saying “I’m on a diet”. Whenever they are having a meal, calculating their calorie intake is a must. Eating more always causes bad feeling to themselves. How sad and poor can this life get?!

There are people who are born to gain weight easily, so it is difficult for them to become so-called thin even when they do a lot of exercise. If you don’t want to hate your body forever, then stop trying to be thin and embrace your curvy body.

Tess Holliday, 31, is an American plus-size model with the size 26. She has been on the cover of Marie Claire. Though she had been bullied because of her curvy body since she was young, it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream: being a model. Her insistence on being a model enables her to be named by Vogue Magazine as one of the top six plus-size models in the world. In 2015, she was even signed to the mainstream model agency MiLK Management.

Tess had also launched a project named ‘Eff Your Beauty Standards’ to encourage people to upload pictures of their own body onto Instagram while tagging the project, regardless of their weight and body size. She wanted people to know that beauty lies in the act of appreciating one’s own self.

Dove, another commercial brand, has been upholding their ‘Real Beauty’ campaign since 2004. “When it comes to your body, love the one you’re with”, “Be your beautiful self”, “Every body is beautiful”, reads the mottos. This project re-defines “beautiful” as “love yourself”. Its positive message has received great support from the world. Its advertising video ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ even became the most watched video advertisement of all time on the YouTube platform.

“It is not perfect, but it doesn’t mean it is not beautiful”. Loving yourself is beautiful.

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