‘80s Leftover | Xmas Party Girl

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[pukka_dropcap style=”” txt_color=”” bg_color=”” size=””]B[/pukka_dropcap]eauties, are you ready for all the Xmas parties yet? Let me tell you some tips, from head to toe, to get you looking your festive best!

Long straight hair can be a bit boring, so why don’t you change up the shape a bit? Simply using a hair styler is fine. Curl Secret by Babyliss is very popular, but I prefer their Big Hair curlers more, which give you very natural hair curve so the effect is a bit more subtle.

For party dresses, both ASOS. com and TOBI.com are always my favourites. As well as their wide variety of choices, their cuts are excellent at showing ladies’ curves. Moreover, they always have on-sale items – you only need to spend around HK$400 for a really beautiful party dress!

A lot of skin care and cosmetic brands offer gift sets for Xmas. I recommend Origins Dr. Weil’s collection for skin care, which can ease the pressure on your skin due to lack of sleep during Xmas. For cosmetics, grabbing a gift set from M.A.C. is more than enough for the perfect make up.

Finally, the legs. If you want your legs to look long and slender, body glow lotion is the trick. Apply Bathina from Benefit on your legs as a highlight, and your legs will look sexy and seductive. Merry Xmas everyone!