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skateboarding was a street crime and misunderstood before and skateboard...

According to reliable sources, during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, there will be a few categorical additions, unprecedented in the Olympic history. One of them will be skateboarding. To a lot of people that don’t understanding skateboarding, this would mean something like: “that’s good, skateboarding can finally become the subject of attention, into the hall, better than a street thing”, but for those who understand the skateboarding culture, it is most definitely not a sport.

Profess Ional Skater and Quadruple World Champion Karen Jonz Delivering the Olympic Torch for Rio 2016 Hints at the Poss Ibile Addition of Skateboarding in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

To discuss this issue, we must first know what the term ‘competition’ constitutes. High jump, long jump or racing, there will surely be a winner; to score the most points in a given time (such as in basketball, football and baseball games) or first to score a certain point (such as in tennis, volleyball and table tennis), one can clearly identify the winner. Thus, we can call this a competition. To include skateboarding in the Olympic games, we must first decide how to compete. A few years back, there was a skateboarding competition that had a good scoring system in the U.S., the ‘Street League’, they obtained the ESPN and an array of American corporate sponsors, so that the general public have access to skateboarding competitions, the base on the difficulties, the completion and the smoothness of the tricks to score. But the question arises: who said trick C should score more than trick B? Every skater has their own favorite moves that belong to themselves. If skater A can make a perfect trick B, but skater B can do trick C but not smooth, who should get higher scores? With this unclear and unfair scoring system, how can this format be shown in the Olympic games? Skateboard culture is to promote originality and creativity, but with this scoring system, skateboarders will slowly slip into fancy diving like, for the sake of scores, everyone else is doing extremely difficult mechanical moves which will loose the core of skateboarding culture.

Therefore, there are different voices all over the world, some that support and others that object. Personally, I believe that skateboarding as a sport is a trend that you cannot decline, because the economic benefits from turning skateboarding to sport is huge, and the opportunities that go to multimedia advertising, beverages, sports shoes, clothing, music, photography, illustration, among others, are also unprecedented. However, skateboarding is an attitude to life, rather than just a sport. In the near future, the street skateboarding culture will gradually become forgotten, just like the street Harlem, it originally symbolized an essence. With the professional development in the mainstream scene, it will eventually be a compact, social niche of its own.

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