If You Don’t Know Now You Know | The Way That David Bowie Influences Skateboarding

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[pukka_dropcap style=”” txt_color=”White” bg_color=”Black” size=””]S[/pukka_dropcap]ounds like David Bowie have nothing to deal with skateboarding, but he actually influences skateboarder lots in so many ways, his graphics, his music has been all over the skateboarding industry, Let us pay a little tribute to remember what David Bowie did for us.

eric koston

It will be so boring when you watch a skateboarding video without background music, so most of the skateboarding video part is more like a music video nowadays. The songs that used by the skateboarder always affect the outcome of their video part, even though his skateboarding skills is amazing but if he put together with a not so suitable song, the video part will still not be remembered. On the other hand, when you edit the video with a matching song, the video and the music will get married and bring the video to gain in different feedback. So from VHS tapes back in the day to the latest online videos, there were more than 20 video parts that used David Bowie’s song for their background music, ‘Rebel Rebel’ has been used for more than 5 parts. My personal favorite part which uses David Bowie’s Song is Marc Johnson part in ‘Pretty Sweet’ video, the song ‘Five Years’ merged with the video perfectly, with Marc Johnson inimitable style, it is just incredible. Another well-known video part that used David Bowie Song was Arto Saari Part in ‘Sorry’ video, he used 2 of David Bowies songs ‘1984’ and ‘Rock N Roll Suicide’ in his part.

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Besides his music, David Bowie influences skateboarder by his graphics as well, there were serval decks that used David Bowie Aladdin Sane album cover as graphic, and the most famous one was released by “Blind” for skateboard legend Jason Lee. Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds and Pedro Barros also used the same graphic for their deck in the past years.