Notes From The Underground [January 2015]

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Saiyan Brings The Bass

One of the pioneers of bringing that deep heavy bass to the city speaks about the scene in Hong Kong.

It’s never an easy task to throw parties when your dad is not loaded. However there’s always that group of people who keep pushing the boundaries. Saiyan, hosting the DnB crew Magnetic Soul for nearly a decade, has spawned Bass Music China (BMC) in the recent days and get his hands on even more kinds of bass music, lucky that I’ve managed to hunt down this busy dude and made him talk about his ongoing low end revolution.

Mind telling us a bit of yourself ? 

I am a DJ and bass music promoter from Macau / Hong Kong. I started out in a band called Dr. which played Nu Skool Breakz, DnB, Experiment and Dub music. I’ve joined Magnetic Soul in 2005 and founded Bass Music China in 2012 to further expand.

What triggers BMC?

Magnetic Soul is more focused on DnB. But I also am very much interested in other bass driven music. I simply want to get my hands on those but don’t wanna mix it up with MSoul.

Due to MSoul, I’ve met a lot of bass music artists in China, to whom I always feel so excited and would like to share their effort with others. However there is no one place to gather and promote them, so we set up BMC as a platform for people to have a peek on whats happening in the China bass scene.

We do guest mixes, features, event news on our site and also throw events with international and local DJs. We want to act as the bridge for both local and international bass artists / fans alike, and push things forward.

Who are your fav BASS acts? 

Om Unit, DVA, Addison Groove, 6Blocc, Chimpo, dBridge in this moment. Burnie and Noise808 are also good producers from Macau.

What should we expect from MSoul/ BMC in 2015?

We will be celebreating Magnetic Soul’s 10th anniversary in 2015. it gonna be big!!

For BMC we are gonna collab with bass crews in different cities. Plus planning a few acts we really love and exciting about… keep your eyes on us!


korg_electribe_sampler_intermusic_pro_6_2Product Review

KORG Electribe EMX2

Korg’s reimagining of their iconic groovebox series has us breathless with excitement.

I always wonder what kind of money Korg pays their marketing team. They just seem to nail everything down. Professional gear with a toy like factor and makes you just wanna grab and play them. From the humble Monotron to a upgraded MS-20, let alone all the IOS apps that makes you click”Buy Now” harder then ever. Now they are revamping their most renowned “groovebox” series–the Electribe. Arriving first is the EMX2 synth/drum machine combo, despite getting more portable, with smashable pads on the front and that lovely XY pad, what else is it offering? Let’s see.

Control: A total reimagination of the original electribe series, with live performers in mind, apart form the XY pad, the 16 pads on top could be used to trigger patterns/notes/chords, plus the backlid pads are there to make sure you don’t get lost in clubs.

Sound: Physical modeling+ PCM, with the KING KORG filter collection tucked in, there you get filter presets with names that reminds you of 303/ Prophet 5/MS20 etc….with stackable routing (ie filter on voice 1 and voice 2 as trigger etc).

Connections: Apart from the usual midi in/out, you can also sync it with the volcas series via minijacks (no, don’t sell your volcas yet!!!)

Last but not least, you can export your creations in the EMX2 into a rendered wav 16 tracks Ableton project! Meaning you can use the EMX2 as a sketch pad then further edit your creation later on!! That’s quite a “wow” factor! (Special Thanks to Tom Lee Music.)