Notes From The Underground | Meet the Child Prodigy

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picture1Two months ago, Ryan Wyer was a normal child with autism and visually impairment. He has his own youtube channel, where he records vlogs to talk about music that he likes, and had made a handful of “fan vids”. A record company contacted him, not for stupid copyright infridgement warnings, but asked Ryan to make a video for his music hero: Aphex Twin.

As a mysterious name within the scene, Aphex Twin is keen on staying away from the limelight (I was lucky enough to see him perform once, without knowing if it was actually him), and of course he’s keen on the internet, when Syro was released two years ago, he put the releasing info on an onion page and created a buzz, and this time, he had invited Ryan to direct a video.

Some artists tend to seek help from the indies only when they’re in trouble, but not the almighty Aphex. Ryan’s mom stated that both Aphex Twin and his visual collaborator, Chris Cunningham, have actually known Ryan for quite some time and even been commenting on his youtube channel. And this time,upon the release of his latest EP Cheetah, they had simply sent Ryan the whole thing and had him decide which track to make a video on.

Later on, Ryan’s mother tweeted the picture: “Attention raised, child encouraged, that’s successful marketing”.

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