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It’s not just street food and hot springs in Taiwan’s capital. Asia’s hottest city reveals its secrets to BOOM’s party investigators.

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Kuala Lumpur

If Kuala Lumpur just means the petronas towers to you, Siew Ching Chua will fill you in on the hottest spots in asia's newest party city.

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Hanoi has gone from sleepy to sleek. Dave Stamboulis discovers some chic new rooftop bars to complement the hip scene on……

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Bangkok Bash

Bangkok party girl Chloe O’Connor checks out the hottest new clubs and bars in the city of angels.

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Magnetic Attraction

The city’s best-loved drum’n’bass crew on hong kong’s enduring fascination with hard beats

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Mongolian Bling

Far north in the land of the Khans, indigenous hip-hop is becoming the voice of a new generation of Mongolians.

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Metal Injection

Hong Kong’s kids are using their classical music training to explore the complexity of that most misunderstood of genres: Heavy Metal.

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Clocks are a-flappin’

Jon Maloney probes clockenflap’s founders about the history and the future of festivals in Hong Kong.

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Techno Music: Extraterrestrial Machine Music

From Afro-futurism to dreams of interplanetary voyages, From the clatter of industrial machinery to the drone of the factor floor Oliver Clasper explores the birth of Techno.

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Music 101: Voodoo with Dance Music

From its inception in Chicago in the early 1980s, House music has since gone on to take over the world and transform the culture of clubbing. In the first of our in-depth reports dance genres, Oliver Clasper explores House’s early beginnings.

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The Bricks and Mortar of Street Art

Hong Kong’s art scene may seem to be all about art basel and cocktail receptions, but lurking not too far below the surface is a thriving, and young, street art movement.

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The Rise of the Aries Man

Lauren Vincent delves into the life and times of the puppet-master of popular music.

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