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【On The Decks: NHR Edition】DJ TPA

Recently having visited Hong Kong and performed at Levels, TPA is one of the members of the NHR (Natural High Record) family. The label is known for its diversity in electronic music and showcases various artists with their own unique sound and techniques. DJ TPA has had his eyes set on diving into the music industry since a very young age, and would not take another path other than becoming an Electro House/ Trap DJ.

His live sets make you feel as though you are looking into the mind of the creative producer. The reason behind why his music has such a big influence on making you feel that the whole surrounding plays into the experience of music listening came from his own awakening in terms of the way you should listen to music. Before becoming a producer himself, just like everyone else, TPA listens to music on his smartphone thinking “this music isn’t even that good!” Until he heard the same song at a music festival, then he understood that EDM’s true purpose. To him this type of music should always be showcased on a stage, played to thousands of audiences all submerged into the enjoyment of beats and pulses. This also then shaped the way he produces music, it taught him to consider the ambience of how the music will be enjoyed and the audiences, who are the ones who will be determining the song’s success, this is the mantra that he sets for himself.

When asked about the inspiration that spikes the creativity juices, TPA explains that he gets his inspiration from movies and soundtracks alike. The fact that it is of a completely made up magical scene within the movies, it gives him ideas of how to create an ambient with solely musical notes. His favourite genre is dark horror films that gives off a mysterious vibe which plays right into the dubstep/ trap style that TPA produces and has extensive knowledge over. So the next time when you’re hearing one of his tracks or when you catch him playing live, remember to imagine the whole scenery of what his music is trying to portray, that will make you’re experience even fuller!

As for the future of his music career, TPA hopes to collaborate with more DJs from all over the world, especially DJ Dyro who inspired him into crating his own music, “Dyro had a huge effect on me.” learning various techniques and manipulation of sounds from the young international EDM star, TPA believes that it will be a great stimulation for himself to better his own skills.

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