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【B-Side】A Talent That Could Not be Masked | Silverstrike

“Foreign music is more upper-class and local productions always feel of a lower quality.”

Silverstrike might sound like a super hero’s name or one that exists within the realms of a computer game, but in reality, Silverstrike is the budding artist in the electronic music scene in Hong Kong. Although young in age, Silverstrike has been participating in independent productions, major productions with music labels and way more to come! His mysterious persona transcends him, he is one of those artists that has been appearing in many creations, yet there haven’t been any physical appearances that audiences could correlate to. Silverstrike might be foreign to a lot of viewers, but his creations draws close connection to everyday conventions, tapping the current trends and likings of his listeners, he is one of the creators that keeps a very close relation with his audiences, understanding what’s trending and what catches the eye of everyone on the Internet.

For those who believed that he was a character in a computer game, your instincts aren’t that far off. Going back to the days when he was a big fan of computer games and when YouTube was just kicking off, Silverstrike was drawn to game play videos, with recurring EDM tracks playing at the background, he discovered his true passion. “ The music made me curious as to why these sounds is not restricted to a singular instrument, and how it allows full control and manipulation of sounds,” the power of creating something different and unique was what attracted him to download the musical software that will change his perception to musical production forever.

Looking at the music business in Hong Kong, Silverstrike claims that there is a weird stigma on locally created and produced EDM music. He claims that from the point of view from local audiences “foreign music is more upper-class and local productions always feel of a lower quality.” This is one of the major issues that he addresses when first asked about the development of the music business in Hong Kong in this time of age. Although this might seem discouraging to pursue a career in a time like this, but to Silverstrike, this is the perfect opportunity for him to change this misconception. His ultimate goal is to show people that local production is as worthy and the standards could be just as good. Think about your own Spotify playlist, or even the generic ones that they provide, 8 out of 10 songs are from the U.S. or Europe, especially in the EDM section, Asian representation is lacking in that category.

After discussing the vision, we have to narrow it down to the mission. What makes up for a successful track really is up to the audiences, but to make that track it all relies on the creative minds of the producer. Silverstrike says his inspirations rises from looping on multiple songs, catching all the good bits from it, manipulating and testing with different notes and riffs. His favourite artist to listen to is Skrillex, he was what sparked his interest in creating his own sounds in dubstep and trap music, to create something that truly belongs to him, with no bounds of an instrument or the need of an orchestra.

Silverstrike sets a really high standard for himself and humbly addresses his own creations, “to others in their perspective, my songs are probably above par, they’re pretty good creations and sounds amazing!” However, as a creator he is not satisfied solely with positive comments, the need for gradual improvement and bettering the skills is a never ending search for the artist. His challenge for the new year is to “search for his own sound, when I listen back to all my songs there has yet to be one that I can call my own. They all sound like a puzzle of various styles and techniques, my goal is to find something that I can call myself and let people know what sort of artist I am.”

This all could not be done without his partners-in-crime DoughBoy, Heyo and Michael, each comment and encouragement from the trio triggers a different reactor to Silverstrike’s creative outlet, and as a collective they will be changing the faces of Hong Kong’s music industry, we can’t wait to hear more from the future star of EDM!

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