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Newcomer SWACQ demonstrates a talent for creating immersive, electrifying tracks that are guaranteed to start a party and get the crowd riled up during a live set. Nicky Romero‘s premiere of “Love” at Ultra Korea is a solid credit to their potential, as the Protocol Recordings label boss specializes in bringing up the best and brightest new talent.


As a newcomer SWACQ has produced a party-hit, this statement is agreed by Nicky Romero who saw this track as a rising star and introduced it to the crowds in Korea. This catchy fast-paced track highlights all the essentials of a festival track, it will sure get you on your feet dancing around. We would love to hear it in upcoming festivals arriving in Hong Kong. Also for producers all around this track is a great one to work your own remixing into, so if you’re interested in giving it a try remember to send us your own version of the track!

BOOM was very lucky to be able to talk to SWACQ, to share with you all his views on music production, performing live and exciting future plans!

When did you first decide to take on producing as a career? What drove you to that decision?

Since I was a small kid, I was already in love with dance music, but I started producing for myself when I was fifteen. I started with just copying and pasting loops in Magix Music Maker and as result, the production virus hit me.  From that moment I can’t remember a day without producing!

How do you feel about ‘Love’ being able to premiere on Protocol Recordings?

I’m very happy that my very first release is on a Top Label! It’s always nice to see that productions skills are appreciated and it makes it even more exciting if a major artist wants to do an edit of it!

As a new member of the Protocol Family, how does that affect your momentum, does it open more opportunities for you for collaborations?

Of course! Since the release a lot of young producers approached me to listen to their tracks and also propose me to collaborate.Anyway, I got some nice SWACQ collabs and Hexagon & Musical Freedom releases lined up for the near future! So stay tuned on my socials!

How do you find inspiration for your music?

I intend to start with a plan, but I always end up with something completely different, which means that my inspiration comes from my gut feeling. Also the fact that I’m having good times and fun with my fellow producers in the studio gives me positive vibes while I’m making music!

Any exciting plans in the near future that you can share with our readers?

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