11th Nov, A Day With Special Meaning

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When mentioning 11th Nov, we always think of China Singles’ Day but do you know there are people celebrating or mourning at the same time all over the world? The same day presents in a different way.

In United States, 11th Nov is their Veterans Day, people take this day to pay tribute to the veterans who had taken part in the wars. ▾


People in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom also have hard feelings. 11th Nov is their Remembrance Day, aimed to commemorate those people that sacrificed in World War I and II. Malta and South Africa set the day as Poppy Day, also to commemorate soldiers and people who sacrificed in the wars. In France, New Zealand and Commonwealth countries, 11th Nov is called Armistice Day. ▾


Poland Independence Day is a national day in Poland celebrated on 11th Nov to commemorate the anniversary of the restoration of Poland’s sovereignty since 1918, this is an important day to them. People either celebrate or demonstrate to express their loves to the country on this day. ▾


Japanese are so creative that ‘1’ is not just a number to them. The long-shaped number looks alike the famous snack ‘Pocky’ in Japan, so Japanese set 11th Nov as Pocky Day. In Pocky Day, of course Pocky is the main point.  Friends will send Pocky to each others, some people even send Pocky to their crushes too. South Korea also has a similar Pepero day, all in all, it is a happy day in both Japan and South Korea. ▾


In Taiwan, 11th Nov is recognised as Twins Days. Taiwan’s Twin Home decided 11th Nov as Twins Days because the four number ‘1111’ looks like twins pair up together. In the past few years, the Taiwan Twin Home has organised celebrations for the twin families. ▾


We are familiar with China’s Singles’ Day on 11th Nov but do you know how 11th Nov becomes Singles’ Day?  It came from internet and campus cultures in China. People have different activities on this day, such as having 4 Chinese donuts and 1 bread as celebration food, joining the dating event to say goodbye to the single life. Moreover, all kinds of enterprises also organise promotions for consumers. Especially when Tmall(formerly known as Taobao Mall) held the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival on 11th Nov 2009, people are in a crazy shopping mode since then. In 2016, Tmall’s Double Eleven Shopping section even reached turnover of up to RMB103 billion. ▾

How will you spend your 11th Nov?