Apple’s Latest Homepod Ad is Jaw-dropping, at least

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Apple’s Homepod Ad has been released earlier, and there’s a lot going on in this single ad. The revelation in this Homepod ad is actually jaw-dropping. Let’s fasten this suspension to see how Apple amazed us.

Directed by Spike Jonze, he showed us how far can Apple Homepod go. For any of us who was worrying about the capability of Homepod because of Siri, the virtual assistant who has proved itself to be quite a help, this advisement helpfully illustrates that this Homepod can do much more than that.

As near as we can tell, every homepod will include a built-in apartment expansion. Director  Spike jonze even showed us how visuals can be achieved in the ads and dance-offs with FKA twigs set to a brand-new Apple Music-exclusive Anderson .Paak song Til It’s Over. And the choice of song alone is excellent, this song has me kept playing this over and over again. Til It’s Over, which is now exclusively streaming on Apple Music, has done its task on getting the actor’s foot moving. For this fancy new song, you might be like missing out if you’re not subscribing to Apple Music, which maybe exactly what Apple wants you to think. And that makes this Homepod advisetiment an Apple Music ad in disguise. Or, shall we say, killing two birds in one stone.

The USD$349 Apple Homepod ad has amassed over 8.5 million views on Youtube alone. Not to mention its global-wide advisement on television. Let’s get prepared for the upcoming era of Homepod, shall we?