Christmas Songs, Aren’t You Tired?

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This year Christmas just ended. But those Christmas songs are still singing their way through New Year. Before the arrival of Christmas, we don’t even need to check our calendar to be sure it’s around Christmas time. With those fierce conversations among your friends about places to hang out, and more importantly, the increasing repetition of Christmas songs, it seems that lots of constant reminders are in place for the upcoming Christmas.

Christmas music boosts your festive spirit and therefore brings up the shopping vibe; it makes you merrier. Many look forward to the holiday because of that. The first few Christmas songs you heard this year are probably what brings up the festive feeling. It’s in the case that christmas songs are played appropriately.

Hearing those cheesy Christmas tunes on repeat irritates us though, distracting us from focusing and even from chatting with someone.

Because of Christmas creep, in which Christmas themed stores and merchandise appear earlier than the conventional beginning of the holiday shopping season, we’re constantly reminded of the holiday right after Halloween. Walking on the streets or in a mall, very often you can hear ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘Frosty the Snowman’ from the stores. A few doses of those may be festive-boosting, but listening them for two months and almost relentlessly whenever in a mall, it’s no wonder Christmas music is draining your spirit.

Studies also show that listening to a song for more than a couple of times will quickly wear you off – the enjoyment you feel when you first hear it will wain. Applying those classic upbeat Christmas songs here, you’ve probably heard them from the year you born. So chances are, the more you hear the cheesy festive tunes, the sooner you’ll end up despising them each year.

Lots of stores take advantage of the holiday, playing Christmas music to energize customers and get their sale increased. But they all neglect the annoyance we often feel about those repeating tunes. Sometimes those music aren’t attracting people to go in; rather, it makes them go away. Perhaps we should all learn that less is more.

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