Are you dare to try this black water?

in Lifestyle

When I was a child, I learned “water” in my General Studies lessons. The book always says that it is colorless and tasteless. I have a love-hate relationship with this transparent liquid, I like the benefits it brings out, but it is always a bit difficult to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. When I grew up, I found that the water is not colorless, some substances can conduct chemical reactions with water and change it into another color!

Liquid with black color does not surprise me. When I was small, I watched television and found  those Martial Arts Masters will spit out black venom when they got poisoned. Right now, I find that water can be black and this black liquid is good for the human body.

blk. is a water drink from the United States, with a black color that tastes like normal water. It contains fulvic trace minerals. When fulvic trace minerals is added into water, they undergo chemical reaction that turns water into black. Most of the colored drinks contain pigment or fructose but what surprises me is that this black water is told to have zero calories and zero sugar. Also, it contains 77 micro-chemical elements that can replenish water, beauty and detoxify.


In that case, I decided to give it a try, and then, get a cup of black version milk tea. Enjoy the dark side. From now on, drink six to eight glasses of water is not a difficulty anymore.