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Christmas and New Year, they come hand in hand every single year, making our days at work seem long and meaningless when we are just counting down the minutes we can rush off and finally start to enjoy the long weekend. But truth be told, the holiday period does not end that quickly, as New Year is just round the corner. Once again we find us asking ourselves, what’s happening around us in the city that never sleeps?

If you have decided to stay in Hong Kong this year, BOOM has taken the liberty to create a party handbook for all the music lovers that chose to have a staycation in Hong Kong this winter. We all know that you can just type on Google and pages after pages of advertisements will pop up on your website, but how does it guarantee a good time?

This is where BOOM steps in, we filter the findings and have narrowed down to some of the highlights in this year’s party repertoire. With this guide in hand and like-minded friends to share the joyous occasions with, we can promise you that your staycation will be filled with entertaining events that will not disappoint.  

“The Not-A-Christmas Show”

Date: 19 ‑ 23 Dec 2017 (everyday)
Time: 8:30 ‑ 10pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
Location: Fringe Club Fringe Dairy

It’s an alternative Christmas show, featuring prominent Hong Kong based actors, using the techniques of a Cabaret, creating a fun and entertaining atmosphere for all to celebrate the not-so-Christmas, let’s call it an unconventional way of celebrating the festive season.

BOOM guaranteed:  It’s alternative, it’s different, and it’s funny, let’s sing our way into Christmas this year, and there’s going to be drinks!

The Nutcracker

Date: 16- 25 Dec 2017
Location: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

One of the classics in Christmas history, the ballet encaptures the essence of childhood imagination. Join Mary on a magical adventure when her toy nutcracker comes to life and whisks her away to a magical kingdom filled with fantastical toys, sugar plums and dancing fairies.

BOOM guaranteed: It’s a classic for a reason, Tchaikovsky’s way of combining ballet and an intricate story never ceases to amaze, and it’s being made into a Disney real life movie!

Lan Kwai Fong Christmas and new year’s eve street party

Date: Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve December 24 and 31, 2017
Location: Streets of Lan Kwai Fong

Hong Kong’s party crowd all gather together and celebrate the jolly season at the busiest street in the city. Lan Kwai Fong is known for the crowds and the atmosphere, if you want to hop into one of the bars remember to book in advance!

BOOM guaranteed: For anyone who is new to Hong Kong, you will be amazed by how crazy the crowds can get, and you will be guaranteed for a night filled with drunken drama!

《Produce101》An Hyeong-seop x Lee Eui Woong first overseas concert

Date: 24th Dec 2017
Time: 11pm
Location: APM Lobby

Korean song competition Produce 101 hot shots An Hyeong-seop and Lee Eui Woong will be coming to Hong Kong for the first time to meet their fans.

BOOM guaranteed: We’re sure you have seen those clips on Facebook where they show Korean singers in competitions, their quality is off the charts!

Mean Gurl Club x Hai Meh present: Dear Santa, All I want this Christmas is HIP HOP

Date: 24th December, 2017
Time: 10pm
Location: XXX gallery

Hip Hop for Christmas might not be conventional, but it fits with the generation that we live in now. If you want to dance your way through Christmas, this one’s for you!

BOOM guaranteed: Hip Hop is one of those things that naturally gets you moving on your feet, and we look forward to hearing some festive raps!

Alivenotdead Christmas Party 2017

Date: 24th December, 2017
Time: 9: 30 pm
Location: Armani/Privé

This Christmas Eve, Armani/Privé & alivenotdead present a festive and glamorous affair under the stars in the heart of Central. All white and dreamy, it is going to be an elegant affair.

BOOM guaranteed: Alivenotdead is known for their party skills; their events are always filled with entertaining music sets and special guests!


Date: 28th Dec 2017
Time: 9: 30 pm
Location: MOM Livehouse

The Low Mays are known for their crazy ways of expressing themselves and we never know what to expect with their shows. It’s just like receiving a present, you’ll never know what it is going to be, but be very excited to rip it open!

BOOM guaranteed: This group of rappers are known to bring great times to their audiences, and quite often, exciting surprises as well!

Future mix Shenzhen

Date: 31st Dec 2017
Time: 9: 30 pm
Location: Oil Club Shenzhen

Why go to Shenzhen I hear you say? Legend Mijk Van Dijk will be heading over this New Year to celebrate with Asian fans. If this reason is not enough, you’re also part of celebrating 20 years of EDM in Shenzhen.

BOOM guaranteed: This is a no brainer. We’ll never give up the chance of watching the producer behind Ghost in a Shell live in action!

FLY Presents the FINAL Countdown (NYE)

Date: 31st Dec 2017
Location: FLY

FLY allows all of you to fulfill your dreams of partying through the new year to awesome music, and be surrounded with like-minded people who share the same thoughts as you! Countdown to the year 2018 with DJ Seth!

BOOM guaranteed: FLY has been celebrating New Year with the crowds in Hong Kong for 7 years and counting! It’s going to be a favourite of ours!

Imagine Dragons 《Evolve》 世界巡迴演唱會 2018 香港站

Date: January 13th 2018
Time: 8 pm – 10: 30 pm
Location: AsiaWorld-Expo

Coming back to Hong Kong, Imagine Dragons will be bringing the fans a whole new experience. With their new album Evolve, they are sure to bring yet another spectacular show to Hong Kong.

BOOM guaranteed: It’s Imagine Dragons, need we say more? If you haven’t join the last time, you won’t want to miss this one.

American Express, The official Sponsor of Billboard Radio Live in HK 2018

Date:  14 Jan 2018 –  20 Jan 2018
Time: 8 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Central Harbourfront Event Space

It’s the second year the Billboard has brought international talents to the stages in Hong Kong, in collaboration with AIA Carnival, audiences will be able to enjoy both carnival fun and games and the entertainment from numerous singers from all over the world.

BOOM guaranteed: Far East Movement reappearing on stage, they have been keeping quiet for a while, and we’re very excited to see what they will bring to Hong Kong!

Unchained presents MAKOTO (Hospital Records)

Date: 19 Jan 2018
Time: 10 pm – 6 am
Location: MAZU

Makoto is known for his Jazz music extravaganza. With nearly 20 years of experience in the music industry, we believe that this show will surely blow our minds away. If you want to know more bout Jazz music then head over to MAZU in the upcoming January.

BOOM guaranteed: Jazz and DJ-ing, how does the two add up together and work? Well, that’s why you have to see Makoto live in action!

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