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Are you ready for the Clockenflap this week? Prepared your Festival Outfit? In addition to considering outfit, here are some suggestions for the preparation before Clockenflap.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory’s weather forecast, it will not rain on coming Friday, and the average temperature of these days is about 21°C. As the venue is located on the Harbourfront, with evening temperatures may be slightly lower, it is recommended to bring a jacket to block the wind and keep warm. Since it may rain on Saturday and Sunday, bring a raincoat with you will never go wrong. Umbrella is not suggested because it will block the sight of others and hold the umbrella too long will get you tired. If you wish to be more secure, wear a pair of rain boots!


At music festival abroad, people bring along their folding chairs. However, since the capacity of Clockenflap is relatively smaller than foreign music festivals, chairs may not be the best choice. You may bring a picnic mat in order to sit comfortably. Of course, you can chill out with your friends by casually sitting on the grass, just feel free.


Everyone’s must have prepared your Festival Outfit, don’t forget those comfortable items. Clockenflap doesn’t have area for storage, it may get you tired carrying a heavy bag. You may spend even half a day squeeze through a crowd, so wear something comfortable should be right. Girls should pay attention to the shoes, high heels may not be a good choice to stand whole night long. A pair of platform shoes or ankle boots is convenient and comfortable. If that day does not rain, put on a pair of shoes that makes you confident and comfortable!


Don’t forget the planning on priority. The schedule of Clockenflap has been announced, so you can prioritize them to avoid missing your favourite performance. There are more than one stage and so many performing units in Clockenflap, some performances may clash with another. It is a good idea to have your preferences, so you can adjust staying time depending on your own preferences and physical condition.

Are you ready for Clockenflap? Let’s enjoy the incredible music and arts festival!

17 Nov (Fri) – 19 Nov (Sun) 2017
17 Nov: 5pm – 11pm
18 Nov: 12nn – 11pm
19 Nov: 12nn – 11pm
Central Harbourfront

Clockenflap is Asia’s premier outdoor music and arts festival, and a major highlight of Hong Kong’s annual cultural calendar.

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