“The Greatest Showman” Marks the Return of Musicals

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Is musical coming back to life?

If you haven’t watched or heard of the new hyped movie “The Greatest Showman”, which everyone raves about recently, you’ve probably seen them on the top place of Billboard chart. Both the story and music have been the hottest film topic in town. Musical film suddenly becomes a hit. But where is the root?

“La La Land”

After the critical success of “La La Land” in 2016, 2017 comes the year that musical genre strives in film. ‘This is me’ in “The Greatest Showman” won Best Original Song at the latest Golden Globe Awards, marking a great triumph for the movie. In fact, musical films are regaining its confidence and success in 2017. Among which, “Coco” and “Beauty and the Beast” hit the box office greatly and had been highly praised by both critics and audience. “The Greatest Showman” is Hollywood’s another attempt to bring back musical to life.

The seemingly renaissance of musical genre is actually on the heels of the worldwide and all-age hyped “‘Frozen”. The 2013 Disney animated musical swept across the globe, it melted not only children’s hearts, but parents’ and adults’. The ‘Frozen hit’ was on trend for more than a year – kids sing along the famous soundtrack ‘Let It Go’ while shops after shops plays this song. And the trend may still remain its place in many hearts. It is a wonder that the song in a musical film can create such a global phenomenon.

While ‘This is me’ or ‘The Greatest Show’ in “The Greatest Showman” has not gained this worldwide recognition, the uplifting and joyous rhythms, along with the Christmas date release, have brought us a greater sense of holiday. The music alone is one major element of musical film; it brings alive the whole movie. With yet another blockbuster musical film, “The Greatest Showman” boosts filmmakers’ confidence in the genre, possibly bringing more blockbuster musical films to Hollywood in this 2018.

‘The Greatest Showman’ trailer

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