Your Guide to Post-holiday Slump

in Lifestyle

With the hoorays for Christmas and New Year fading, it’s quite clear that holiday is officially gone. So are your family time, social gatherings and emotional baggage that comes along in this Christmas. Now that 2018 has come around, it’s a whole new year and perfect to get rid of your holiday slump!

You might be going through a difficult hangover because of all the parties you have, or have just got back to town after a short trip. Someone probably slept through the three-day holiday and simply found it too hard to wake up and have to work again. After the heightened excitement and enjoyment of holiday, letting down your emotion is harder than preparing for the holiday. If you’re feeling exhausted, or too hyper to work, you’re obviously not alone.

Post-vacation blues can be a depression that many people suffer. It’s a back-to-reality sensation where you’ve to throw away the holiday buzz and are dreaded to return to your daily routine of working or studying. Very often, going back to the ordinary, daily living feels like a slog. If you’re having trouble to be thrown back to reality, let’s try adding these tips into your daily routine and transition yourself back.  

Go out into nature

Nature has a way to destress us, to rip off our depression and to make us feel good about life again. Breathing the fresh air, taking in the stunning view in front of you, feeling the sun radiating over your scalp, moving around and going near to nature usually put off our negativity.

Organize your desk

Right after Christmas, with all the parties gone and ripped christmas wraps, most of our desks are certainly clustered. A messy desk or bedroom will keep your mind sloppy and decrease your productivity, according to a recent neuroscience study. So, time to clean up!

Pace yourself. Don’t take too much responsibilities than you can handle

It’s normal that you feel down after the holiday peak, you just need an extra time to slowly transition yourself back to the ordinary you were living. There maybe piles after piles of works await you at work and even clumps of chorus at your house. Be careful about which tasks to take and how many of them you are taking. Don’t stress yourself out by rushing through your piles of works, you’ll likely end up being more stressed and depressed.

 Follow these tips and be ready to bounce back in 2018 for a greater year.