Most Googled and Approved Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is daunting above us with just 7 days to go, and most of us find ourselves asking the age old question, what am I going to be dressed up as this year. Each year, there will be the same old witches and cats and of course nurses wandering through Lan Kwai Fong enjoying the spooky parties all around. But why not dress up as something contemporary, something that will strike up as uniquely 2017!

We have Googled, filtered and chosen some of the best Halloween costume ideas that will help inspire you into being crowned as best dressed or simply providing you a great ice-breaker when attending all the Halloween parties around town this year.  

Wonder Woman

So everyone know Wonder Woman right? Well, as it turns out she has been the main search on Google in terms of Halloween costume ideas. Gal Gadot has definitely set some high bars on this one, but I’m sure we all have a superhero inside of us right!  


The Boy from IT (Georgie Denbrough)

Whilst everyone is determined to dress as the clown, why not take another approach and be the boy protagonist in the remake of IT. just put on a yellow raincoat and you’re ready to party!


Ladies of Wrestling from “GLOW

GLOW a Netflix original celebrates womanhood and friendship, so why not dress up as the cast with all your girlfriends and have a fun night out as some bad-ass women that represents girl power.


The Handmaiden’s Tale

Well, one of the classic novels that had been brought back to life through a TV series. The handmaiden is one that’s hard to miss, and surely everyone will take you seriously.


Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty

Well, if you’re up for a gag outfit, this is your choice, and of course it shows you’re one for the laughs.


So what’s the verdict, who will you be dressing up as this year for Halloween. Tell us in the comments! 

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