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[pukka_dropcap style=”” txt_color=”White” bg_color=”Black” size=””]S[/pukka_dropcap]ummer is usually defined by the sun and the beach, outdoor trips and frolicking in the sunshine. However, the summer heatwave is suffocating and excessive motion becomes difficult. Locking oneself at home under air conditioning, while accompanied by ice cream and movies seems to be a great alternative. Imagine yourself devouring the ice cream while fixing your eyes onto the bloodshed computer screen with the screaming protagonist – this disparity is rather satisfying. As we grow older, the genre appears to merge with that of comedies. Check out the following list of horror movies that you could watch this summer.



You won’t be talking about the classics if your list is missing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. At the time, many horror movies had relied on the plot, or the terrifying appearances of monstrous killers as scare factors. However, the killer in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre appears in its most raw and barest form. The victim is trapped in a vacuum of abandonment within the deserted eeriness of the North American highway.


There isn’t only one killer in this movie. Instead, the story tells of several fixed family members, including the facially distorted, chainsaw-bearing younger brother who sports a mask made of human skin. He makes the most appearances. Additionally, there is the older brother, a handsome policeman who appears to be normal-looking and polite, as well as the youngest brother who is in charge of abducting passersby, the grandfather who turns into a zombie, and the cannibalistic mother who controls the killer family – the core character. The 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the least gory out of the series, but the eeriest, as it utilizes the tendencies of people to suspect and speculate in situations of the unknown. Combined with the ominous cinematography and the occasional chainsaw sounds, the movie is a goosebumps riser.



Srictly speaking, watching Jaws after one had aged makes the movie seem less legitimately horrifying. Instead, it watches like a comedy. However, the 1975 Jaws had already been around for forty years, despite the phony effects of the ‘great white shark’. Its gruesome method of devouring its victims is still rather gory, and post-cinematic beach trauma prevents one from getting too close to the waters. Jaws was directed by Hollywood’s most remarkable Steven Spielberg, starring Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss.

Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton

The plot is set on a small, vacation-friendly town near the ocean called Amity Island, in which a giant man-eating shark appears and demolishes the tourists. A local police officer, under the guidance of a marine biologist and a professional shark hunter, is determined to eradicate the shark… Due to the fact that Jaws had premiered in the summer of 1975, on June 20th, the movie quickly became popular, and was referred to as the pioneer of the summer movies, and a turning point in cinematic history.



Ever since Scream entered the spotlight, the 90s gave way to the rise of teenage slasher films. The 1997 I Know What You Did Last Summer series, directed by Jim Gillespie, and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe, tells the story of four high school graduates who crash into an individual as they drive home after a party. Fearing that the accident would jeopardize their future, they decide to cover it up, promising that they must not expose their secret. One year later, the female protagonist returns to her hometown, and receives a note with the words: “I know what you did last summer”. She, along with her accomplices, proceed to be the prey of a mysterious killer.



Upon mentioning the movie Scream, the first thing that pops up would probably be the ghastly mask that the killer sports throughout the film. Since the 1996 premiere, the film had not only become a classic in the horror genre, but had also popularized the symbolic mask as a seasonal Halloween product. One is likely to be reminded of Halloween, rather than the actual movie, upon encountering the mask.


The first Scream movie was directed by Wes Craven, and became one of the top-selling box office movies in 1996. The succeeding Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000), and Scream 4 which was released after eleven years in 2011, complete the entire series that had become a best-seller throughout history. Scenes of slaughtering and deaths fill the movie, and the characters are all under separate rules that govern their actions in order to survive. Exhibiting certain behaviors will get them killed, and these acts include having sexual intercourse, consuming alcohol and taking drugs, as well as speaking the words “I’ll be right back”. Violators will be faced with death. As the title reveals, all victims would scream violently upon encountering the killer.



riday The 13th should be on the top of the horrors classics list. Since the premiered 1980 version, there had been eight sequels from 1980 to 1989, with the exception of 1983 and 1987. The movie series spanned across the entirety of the 80s. The protagonist of the Friday The 13th series is Jason Vorhees, the killer. He sports a symbolistic ice hockey mask, concealing himself behind it, and holds a machete that is a few feet long.


The killer later identifies as the victim of a fatal accident at a summer camp eleven years ago, in which he had fallen into a lake and had drowned as a result. The first Friday The 13th sequel in 1980 was directed by Sean S. Cunningham, with American actor Derek Mears playing Jason, the killer. The plot illustrates the female protagonist (played by Amanda Righetti) and her boyfriend (played by Nick Mennell)’s trip to Camp Crystal Lake. What seemed to be an ordinary, merry vacation was shattered upon their encounter of a lurking, monstrous killer, marking the beginning of a terrifying nightmare. Despite the fact that over thirty years had passed since the making of the movie, its scare factors and plotline maintain its timely terror, earning its title as the most longevous horror movie series in cinematic history.