【Lets Go To】 IRIS Festival

What is IRIS Festival I hear? Well, this is Hong Kong’s largest Health and Wellness Festival, to be held at West Kowloon’s Nursery Park on the 27th-28th May, 2017. Its the best way for you to escape your problems through the channels of yoga and meditation.

There will also be a full day of music and arts performances, to both wind us down on the daily stress that we face in this condensed city of Hong Kong, moreover, it also educates us all about the things we’re often ignoring in many parts of our lives.

Hong Kong has become a place where fast pace is the norm, IRIS wishes to change the way we look at our lives by indulging into a two day retreat within the centre of the city. It teaches us to appreciate the park life we have within the city and fully utilise the nature that surrounds us.

Get your tickets on the IRIS website now, just a few left!

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