“Kids Return Film Festival” This Summer! One Night Only!

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Feeling life keeps repeating? Have you ever buried yourself day by day, forgot who you really are?  It wasn’t easy to embrace the real you, was it?

Sick of the fixed structure of story telling? Tired of all the boring images? Looking for more exciting films that can blow your mind?

Kids Return Film Festival is the right thing for you! Be prepared to be visually amazed by Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards’ “Best Short Animation Film” winning film Losing Sight of A Longed Place and the avant-garde group of experimental videographers – Videocypher. Get ready to let the imagery ride on flow!

You cry out loud but no one is listening? You try to capture the emotion and turn it into a story but hating every bit of the traditional narrative? These films can surely offer you some refreshment! A deep and powerful film Epilepsy,  an alternative and mind-blowing film Bomb of Love and a bold and youthful film Spiritual Warriors.  Hold tight, you are about to be blew by these incredible films. Wrap it up with Takeshi Kitano’s Kid Return and Jan Lam’s Out of The Blue, let end this sweet but wild summer by questioning what “kids” really mean. So, are you ready to this youthful journey?

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Link to the Facebook event here.

Bands: Kids Return Film Festival
Date: 31 August 2018
Time: 7:00PM
Entrance Fee: Advanced $80 | Walk-in $100
Venue: This Town Needs(see map here)