Netflix Together WE RULE

With all the hate and protests going on around the world, Netflix wants to remind us all that WE RULE! From the award-winning series, Orange is the New Black, to the latest hit around the world, GLOW, Netflix has been championing sisterhood, tackling the complexities of real female relationships. Detailing the unsaid problems and tensions that is shared between women, encouraging us all to embody our power, and learn to accept that we all are different, yet closely tied to one another.

Although many TV series or creations have been celebrating the importance of sisterhood and friendship, none has ever made women characters as one of the emphasis and in some cases of these Netflix Originals casted women-only leads to focus on women empowerment and remind us all that We Rule!

Some of BOOM’s top picks!

Jessica Jones

We love that she is the leading face of a superhero series, discovering the path in empowering her true identity and learning to accept the responsibility that her role entices. Take this journey in self-searching and understand that we all have a place in the society we live in.


A bunch of outcasts trying to fit into the world of stereotypes and expectations. Through many arguments and disagreements not only do they find their placements on the wrestling ring but also in the business and life in whole.

Grace and Frankie

An unlikely friendship grows when the two reluctantly got stuck with one another, it may seems like a cliche from enemies to friends, but the duo shows modern issues tied in with the TV series discussing hurled that modern women might face in the real-world.

Orange is the New Black

Who new prison could be such a sentimental place, take a look into this women’s federal prison and you’ll be surprised with all the tension, unspoken bonds and ultimately love.

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