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By: Priscilla Ng | Photos By: Nadine Ng


[pukka_dropcap style=”” txt_color=”White” bg_color=”Black” size=””]O[/pukka_dropcap]ne word most aptly fit for Jeff Cheung and his art. Crude, emotional outbursts of creativity becomes both his playground and haven as he slashes paint onto his canvas – whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Emotions are both friend and foe. Cheung’s yearlong artistic journey had been one in conjunction with his combat against depression. Realism is nowhere to be found – that is not how he perceives the world. Instead, streaks of intertwined, overflowing concoctions of red, yellow, blue, black and gold race across textured surfaces, a visual stimulation that channels his very own spontaneity and loyalty towards his deepest sentiments. Under Cheung’s artistry, facial features are distorted and violated, as his works represent a window into his inner turmoil. Madman (2016) is an exhibit that attacks the eye, as what appears to be a demented figure overtakes all negative space on the canvas. His turbulent brushstrokes tear across the figure’s horrified expression, mercilessly, as if his raw emotions were tearing apart and redefining what we had known as humane. Raw, turns out to be the real real.


Through his exhibits in PMQ and The Black Star, Cheung voices out against Hong Kong’s lingering stigmatization against depression and mental illnesses. He acknowledges that every individual who stumbles across his works would perceive them in a different light, and that he is unable to govern what they would ultimately observe and extract. Instead, he expresses his desire to bridge a link between individuals who think like he does, and who face the same emotions and non-emotion, hopeful in his quest to reach out to them.

PMQ – S505, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
T: +852 2870 2335
W: www.pmq.org.hk

81 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan
T: +852 2399 0207
W: www.theblackstar.hk