The Rewind: The Best And Worst of 2016

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2016 has been an eventful year, filled with excitement to its fullest and the devastation of loss and grief. In the world of events that happen around us every single day, we might just catch all the International news headings that flashes our way, here we list out all out favourite and most unforgettable moments of the year, creating a timeline of what happened in the music world in 2016!

1. The loss of many great artists






Starting from January we have seen many of our favourite musicians and actors leave the spotlight of centre stage. Including David Bowie, Pete Burns, George Michael, Prince and more. This has been a year filled with sorrow and grief, although the mourning still lives on, we wish that their spirit lives on.

2. PIKOTARO’s ‘PPAP Pineapple Apple Pen’

ppapNo one would have ever thought that this song was going to be such a huge hit, it took over billboard’s Top 100 list and made it to number 77. Although this song only has one phrase, it sure catches a lot of attention and leaves a remarkable impression!

3. Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize

bob-dylan-1Aged 75, Bob Dylan the Father of Folk Music took the possession of the latest Nobel Prize for Literature. The singer-songwriter is known for his many peaceful songs throughout his long lived career. This prize comes as a surprise for both fans and the musician himself, but is honoured to be named a prize winner.

4. The year that made The Chainsmokers

closerThis was the year for The Chainsmokers, their hit single ‘Closer’ is one of the most long lasting songs on the #1 song of all time. Although there has been negative comments on their performance at the VMAS, but the duo has not stopped producing chart topping hits throughout the year!

5. London Club ‘Fabric’ threatens to close and reopens

fabric-londonIn the beginning of the year everyone was devastated to hear that London’s long standing club Fabric is due to close with it’s lack of license. After a year of lawsuits and protest, the club is expected to reopen its doors in 2017 due to popular demand.

6. Beyonce’s “Lemonade”

beyonceLemonade is much more than just an album, the 60-minute film sparked the celebration for Black music and also #GirlPower. This is one of the most celebrated albums of the year.

7. Controversy surrounding “The Life of Pablo”

kanye-westKanye West’s album have sparked a huge row with Taylor Swift as the lyrics from “Famous” suggested illicit content about the fellow singer. There was a whole debate about preaching personal privacy.

8. The Return of Harry Potter

harry-potter-cursed-child-2-02016 in June, Harry potter and The Cursed Child first hit the theatres, this live theatrical enactment of Harry Potter’s life after graduating and the discussion about his relationship with his own child made fans very happy!

9. Sia “The Greatest”

sia-the-greatestSia’s great tribute to Orlando’s gay bar shooting, this heavy and emotional track reminds all of us the importance of life and how we should all treasure what we’ve got

10. The return of Daft Punk

daft-punkDaft Punk is back in the production booth, the duo collaborated with The Weeknd to create new tracks for the singer’s new album.