Tmall 11.11 Global Shopping Festival finally starts!

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11th Nov not only refers to China Singles’ Day, but also reminds us the Tmall (formerly known as Taobao Mall) Double Eleven Online Shopping Festival that attracted tons of consumers every year. Tmall was so excited to announce that the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival of 2017 finally started in its Tmall Ideal Life Celebration Party yesterday.

The theme of this year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival are ‘Happy 11.11’ and ‘Ideal Life’, the Celebration party set up five areas showing a variety of Tmall goods that fit the theme. The five areas are  ‘Fashion & Beauty’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Tmall Supermarket’, ‘Home’, ‘Outdoor & Travel’.

Can you distinguish which area is it?▾


‘Fashion & Beauty’ exhibition area covers both men and women clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, nail polish, all kinds of clothing are included.

The ‘Kitchen’ area shows an ideal kitchen with different kitchen utensils and furnishings.


‘Tmall supermarket’ includes the major brands in China, as well as imported brands. This can fulfil the needs of different people.


‘Home’ not only showing furniture, but also shows a lot of pet products. What a warm home!


How to spend a weekend? Look at the ‘Outdoor & Travel’ area, it can help you. Pick up the camera , go for a picnic or camping, spend your weekend with the amazing cozy season.

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Are you ready to join the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival?