TV Shows on Snapchat?

in Lifestyle

According to recent reports from Reuters, Disney will be creating a Bachelor Spinoff via Snapchat Stories. Are our attention span really become to this step now? The first show to launch will be a recap of ABC’s The Bachelor called Watch Party: The Bachelor on January 3rd.

Although the series’ details are still scarce, but we believe that this will bring out a new trend in us watching media over our phones. This is becoming an even more exclusive experience, Watching TV usually means the whole family sitting down and enjoying a show, but now that it’s portable on every one’s phone, I doubt that we’ll all sit together ever again.

Both scripted and non-scripted shows will be made for Snapchat in the coming year. As Reuters notes, Disney and Snapchat joined forces earlier this year to make a Live Story of the Academy Awards.

Via The Verge