【What’s Hot】Digitalise Your Gadgets | The Love Turntable

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Vinyls have been resurfacing to the digital age once again, all the throwbacks and vintage-esque themes celebrated by the millennial is making everyone go though their parents or even grandparents pile of musical gem. “Love” the new packages turntables into something completely new and compact, transforming the once big and heavy device into something that kind of looks like a can opener.

Claiming to be the “first intelligent turntable”, Love is a turntable that connects to your phone and speakers through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The company claims for it to “be able to offer modern music conveniences like play / pause controls, skipping tracks, repeating songs, along with volume controls and displaying album art.”

The device is also pretty easy to use, simply place it on top of the vinyl, which then it scans and plays. Love is now branded on the site Coming Soon Tech aimed to launch on the 1st of February, there is no official pricing or retail information. Interested parties can sign up for it’s early launch reminders.