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In Hong Kong, the public transport is very convenient, but riding bikes have become very popular over the past few years when people discovered the health benefits it brought by cycling to and from work, or as a fun hobby to do on the weekend. With this exercise becoming more popular health and safety issues have also risen tons, this is where the Lumos Helmet kicks in and saves the day. Designed by two engineer turned entrepreneurs, Lumos started as a fun side project, until they discovered how one of these helmet could empower cyclists on the road.

The Lumos Helmet is a smart device that is equips with LEDs in the front and back that senses your directions and amplifies your position on the road. It embeds the lighting signals from a car and builds a system just like that for cyclists. The system predicts when there is a sudden change in pace, there also is a wireless handlebar remote that helps signal if you’re making a turn. The Lumos is also water resistant and with one single charge it could last up to a week.

Lumos: A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet from Lumos Helmet on Vimeo.

The Helmet has just won the annual Beazley’s Design of the year for transport design of the year, this recognition has gained more and more spectacles on the item, and it also re-images the humble cycling helmet.