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Waverley Labs has launched a brand new idea to translators in their crowd funded ear pierce design. This device, just like an earbud for music and enjoyment, but with a little twist. The Pilot Translate Kit allows users to get translations with over 10 languages the real-time translation, making it easier to communicate with people who speaks in foreign languages that we are not familiar with.

This simple device lets two people share the same space and time even if the two are speaking completely different languages. It not only brings people closer together, it also tackles the fears of having to unable to bond with somebody only because we speak differently.

Many products are listed on crowd funding sites all year round, so why does this particular one received such a hype with its launch with over 3000% support on IndieGoGo. To break the language barriers that have been troubling with many travellers and everyday life. This could change the way we interact with one another and making life easier.

The Waverly Labs Earbuds are now available for pre-order, they also have already brought out a phone app —Pilot Speech Translation App on Google Play and Apple for users to become familiar with speech translation technology and the Waverly Labs products beforehand!

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