Who Stole This Year American Music Awards (2017 AMAs)?

Last sunday night, AMAs opened it veil with an empowering statement — “This year, perhaps more than any in recent history, we needed the power of music to help us escape the news of the day.”

The awards celebrated its 45th anniversary this year, brought together music legends, rising stars and an international boy band onto the grand stage. The focus on music empowerment, yet, had swiftly drifted once performances were on.

Selena Gomez, Imagine Dragon and Lady Gaga hit the best moments of the year. Teamed up with DJ Marshmello, Selena crawled across the stage, done up like she was after a car accident, performing “Wolves” while fake blood was dripping off her hair. This marked as a weird, daunting yet engrossing performance that had probably stuck you through the evening.

Imagine Dragon mashed up with Khalid, with the Internet bombing this as an awkward hybrid collaboration, their performance actually came off as one of the most energized of the night. Both as chart-toppers,“Thunder” and “Young, Dumb & Broke” clashed on the stage, and it was flawless, bringing down the theater with thunderous applause.

Performing thousands miles away, Lady Gaga claimed to had topped off the show with her extravagant bombast video, bringing her new single “The Cure” to life. She also clawed a victory on Favorite Female Pop/Rock Artist, marking the loudest hoorays from the mass audience.

This year also marked K-pop band BTS debut on the U.S TV. The band certainly slayed the performance of their wildly successful single “DNA”. People’s heart were shattered by the love song.

The evening might have neglected the emphasis on music empowerment and its effect to American and the world; still the pop stars managed to steal the show, overwhelming the audience with their stunning, bombing performances.

Catch up with the best moment stealers, shall we?

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