Visiting Relatives is No Longer Boring! Sticks with this Enticing Lunar New Year Playlist

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As the sale of Lunar New Year food begins skyrocketing, families busying themselves for filling up candy trays and making New Year cake, no doubt that Chinese New Year is creeping up on us. The arrival of Lunar New Year means that those family reunion dinners and relatives gatherings are literally at your door, awaiting your actions. What’s usually in lack of in these gatherings? Well, there is where music takes place.

While greetings one another with ‘Kung Hei Fat Choy’, what then embraces you is the probably dreaded Q&A section that extended family members ask during this once-in-a-year gathering. Whether the feelings are mutual, you’ll have to tackle the Q&A with ease and enjoy the important ‘mahjong and cards playing’ part together. So, let’s music helps in your way, lifting the vibe while some of yours losing on the other end. We’ve picked ten songs for you to endure this joyous yet possibly ‘dreaded’ festival.

Listen on!

  1. The Weeknd, ft.  Daft Punk – Starboy

Every family visiting needs a mood booster for this bright and cheery New Year. The vibe of your gathering will surely be accelerating with the hip-hopping ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd. Let’s get your mood on!

2. DJ Snake, ft. Justin Bieber – Let Me Love You

Questions may bomb you out. It’s easy to get weary after an array of questions directed at you. But, hey, let DJ Snake speaks to you, ‘Don’t you give up, la la la. I won’t give up, la la la.’ Don’t ever give up, because the sun is rising.

3. Mike Perry, ft. Sabrina Carpenter, The Vamps – Hands

As the gathering proceeds, you will probably be playing mahjong or cards with your extended family and/or friends. Here comes the tiles singing ‘Come on lay your hands on me, lay your hands on me’. Let’s dive right into the fun game.

  1. David Bowie, Queen – Under Pressure

Playing mahjong or cards is fun and exciting, yet it also carries a dark side that barely anyone notices. What’s it? For the most part, you are likely to be under pressure, given that you want badly to win. While sharing your anxiety and stress with David Bowie and Queen, listen their smoothing voice and rhythm and put yourself at ease!

  1. Taylor Swift – Shake it Off

Victory and failure are, very often, one line away. But with pressure growing and bad luck, you may have come across some losing. It is actually completely normal, don’t stress yourself out and ‘Shake it Off’ with Taylor Swift.

  1. Bastille – Pompeii

Are your walls tumbling down within you? With the game becoming long-haul, it’s possible that you are! It’s the perfect post-Q&A section that comes another question bombing part. Guard up, guys!

  1. Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson – Just Hold On

The visiting is probably going to stay longer than you expected. While it has started to wear you out, stay calm and play it cool, ‘Just Hold On’ with Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson.

  1. Cheat Codes & Nicky Romero – Sober

Keep yourself ‘Sober’ even the gathering has long begun to bore. The night may seem never end, the sun may feel like never rising up, but it will! Put yourself together and wait for the opening of a good new day.

  1. Coldplay, ft. Beyonce – Hymn For The Weekend

As the visiting comes to an end, is it possible not to hymn for the freedom you regain? Coldplay says you definitely should ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ while collecting red pockets! Go ahead, shall we?

  1. American Authors – What We Live For

Celebrate the end of the day with this song! Time to devour the New Year cake and Turnip cake we long for and feel the goodness in the world and in this Lunar New Year! We can throw our hands up out the window This is what we live for.

Here’s the Spotify Playlist.

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