2017 Top 10 Hip-Hop File

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In the past year, ups and downs have happened in the Hip-Hop industry. We have selected top ten Hip-Hop news from the past year hoping that you’ll enjoy this 2017 Hip-Hop file.


1.Power of “The Rap of China”

In last summer, the Chinese TV show “The Rap of China” has brought a significant influence on the Hip-Hop music culture in China. This TV show not only  discovered a group of talented Chinese Rappers. It also pushed people to put more attention on the development and culture of the Chinese Rap music scene.


2.Lil’Peep Has Passed Away at Age 21

American Rapper Lil’Peep passed away at age 21 due to overdosed on unspecified substances. Lil’Peep is a talented young Rapper and songwriter, he is a very important contributor in today’s Emo rap.


 3.“Asia Tour” of 88Rising ft. Higher Brothers, Joji, Brian

88Rising is an American Hip-Hop media company, they have organized a brand new “Asia Tour” from November to December in 2017. This “Asia Tour,” they brought the Higher Brothers, Joji, and Brian in the event. It was the first collaborate performance between them. And this was also the first time for Brian to return to his homeland after becoming a part of the 88Rising Group.


4.Eminem’s Anti-Trump “Statement”

During last year’s American President Election, Eminem has released his Freestyle “Campaign Speech” against Trump and show his dissatisfaction towards Trump. And Eminem even did a Freestyle Music Style against Trump. This is one of the hottest Freestyle in 2017!


 5.The Strongest Collaboration Between JAY-Z and Beyoncé

From the interview in T Magazine, JAY-Z has announced that he is planning to have a collaboration album with his wife Beyoncé in the future. If this album is going to release, this will be the first collaboration between JAY-Z and Beyoncé. People are really looking forward to this album.


6. Kanye West Is The Most Influential Rappers in Fashion Industry in 2017

“Business of Fashion” (BOF) has named Kanye West “The Most Influential Rapper” in the fashion industry of 2017. The “YEEZY” brand that Kanye West created is a very hot brand in the fashion industry, and in the whole world. There is no doubt that this brand continues to make an enormous impacts on the global fashion industry. This proves that Kanye West is not only a good rapper, but also a successful brand owner.


7. Drake Sets Record at Billboard Music Awards

Drake has surpassed Adele’s record at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, he got 13 awards in one night. Drake had 22 nominations and he finally swept 13 awards in the competition. The Billboard Music Awards 2017 was a night for Drake!


8. XXXTentacion Announced He Will Retire Earlier?!

XXXTentacion is a talented young American Rapper, with his hit song “Look At Me” he quickly became one of the hottest Rapper in America. At this point he suddenly announced his retire statement through Instagram. He mentioned he is so tired of being mentally abused by others and will stop making music. Although it is hard to say whether this is a true statement or not, but  this announcement has surely shocked the whole Hip-Hop industry by now.



  9. Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn.” Wins The Album of The Year at BET Music Awards

Last year Kendrick Lamar came back with the “Damn.” album and this album occupied the No.1 rank at the “Billboard Top 200” for almost three weeks. Eventually Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn.” won the “Best Album” title at BET Music Awards last year.


 10. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Has Passed Away.

American band Linkin Park Frontman Chester Bennington passed away last year due to suicide. After the death of Chester Bennington, Linkin Part stopped the whole Europe performance in mourning the death of Chester Bennington. That means the performance in Birmingham is Chester Bennington last performance in front of the fans.