2018 Grammys Wrap Up: Five Most Viral Moments

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Last Sunday was a huge music night across the Atlantic. The 60th Annual Grammys Award kicked off this year’s music journey, giving out a handful of awards and, most importantly, diverse and dazzling sets of live performance we all dream of. From Broadway tribute, popstar live shows, to #MeToo moments, there’re a ton of excellent moments to capture! The show lasted for a few hours, that’s a lot to take in. In case you missed any of them, or need help for rewatching the best moments of the night, here’s BOOM’s wrap up of the latest Grammys show.

The Winner of the Night
Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars bagged the most trophies last Sunday night. He picked up won six awards for which he was nominated, plus three of the biggest awards of the night, including Record of the Year for ‘24K Magic,’ Song of the Year for ‘That’s What I Like’ and Album of the Year for “24K Magic”. Those are a slew of awards we’re talking about. Plus, his new remix performance with Cardi B, ‘Finesse’, had done it again. The dance moves of the duo energized the audience, and the song that mixed up with Cardi’s latest ‘Bariter Cardi’ single was seamless and special for this biggest music night. This performance was utterly enjoyable.

The Best Live Performance
Kendrick Lamar feat U2 & Dave Chappelle – ‘Medley’

If Bruno Mars’ dance was a sheer pleasure to watch, then Kendrick Lamar’s was one that’s full of political power. Kendrick Lamar’s long been our most anticipated performers in theses big moments, and he didn’t disappoint. He teamed up with U2 & Dave Chappelle for ‘Medley’, a song that’s politically charged. (“I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America,” the comedian said). The performance is a full blast that amazed and struck the audience.


The Most Stirring Collaboration
Eric Church and Maren Morris – ‘Tears in Heaven’

A Grammys show isn’t complete without several high-profile and fabulous collaborations. This year’s Grammys surely was complete. Miley Cyrus and Elton John’s beautiful collab on ‘Tiny Dancer’ was a delight to watch. But Eric Church and Maren Morris’ cover of ‘Tears in Heaven’ is the most moving amongst all collab, for it honoring the victims of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival shooting and the Manchester Arena bombing, bringing up an emotional stir among audience.

The Most Talked Performance
Kesha – ‘Praying’

#Metoo movement had long been a feminist movement in not only the United States, but in other continents and countries as well. While sweeping across the globe, #MeToo movement is still a major concern in the U.S. by lots of people. Kesha performed her comeback single ‘Praying’ with triumph, showing the distress in her song as she did when the single was first released last year. Kesha teamed up with all-female co-stars in this performance, including Camila Cabello, Cyndi Lauper and Andrea Day. It was distressing, yes, but also enthralling, and went with a feeling that was fury and righteousness. This is a performance that relates to a universal issue, and that’s what stirred people concern, raising more debates on the issue.

The Most Hyper Performance
SZA – ‘Broken Clocks’

A performance that sends the entire Grammys show hyping up is not easy, not to say by a new artist that’s never been on a performance on the Grammy stage. But SZA rose to that, bringing on the hype with her track ‘Broken Clocks,’ from debut album “Ctrl’s” back end. Her vocal was strong and dominated the stage, lifting up the vibe that we believe no-other first-timer can deliver. She may have not bagged best new artist, but her music path will be as bright as the stage on Sunday night.