Armin van Buuren x Philips – The Trance Overlord

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With 1.2 million followers on twitter, multi-platinum records across the globe, and no desire to slow down any time soon, Armin van Buuren is trance, personified.

Reputationally, the Nether-lands trance scene is the crème de la crème.   Rarely, however, has a true giant been born, whose colossal tracks consistently smash through every continental border, withstanding and superceding the tests of time.

With an unquenchable desire since the age of 10 to create sounds for a living, Armin van Buuren ploughed his way through a law degree before surfing the tidal wave of fame that had already been crashing down around him.  Circumventing the norm, Armin’s early DJing days pivoted around perfecting advanced marathon sets of progressive trance, a sub-genre whose incremental atmospheric turns still carry masses of the world’s superclubs into the early hours of the morning.  Armin undertook his trance career as a prophet would religion, embracing the genre as his “responsibility” to promote.  His radio show, ‘A State of Trance’, acquired over 20 million followers which catapulted him into global superstardom.

What truly made Armin stand out from the thousands of aspiring trance DJs, however, was his unparalleled devotion to trance. Moreover, with the mantra “don’t be a prisoner of your own style,” he was unafraid to pioneer his creative angle from progressive trance, around which he pivoted the early stages of his career, into a powerhouse of uplifting trance – the latest example of which, ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, merited him a Grammy nomination.

With such a passion for sound, it was no surprise that Philips, a spearhead in audio innovation, approached Armin to collaborate on products for the 21st century. This resulted in two exciting new products: the A5-PRO headphones (which will be launched in late April) and the M1X-DJ, ‘a ghetto blaster reinvented for today’.


Philips M1X-DJ
Everyone can be a DJ

Contrasting spectacularly with the original vinyl records Armin van Buuren obsessively bought in his childhood, the futuristic lovechild of his collaboration with Philips is the M1X-DJ System, a portable speaker device that allows you to create, play, and share tracks on the go.

At the IFA Berlin, Armin explained the desire he had to create an accessible device on which both aspiring and professional DJs can practise creating and mixing sounds.  Twinning this idea with the convenience of portable speakers has created a multi-purpose system that might end up being an integral feature of any musically inclined social event.

Described by Armin as “a ghetto blaster reinvented for today”, the M1X-DJ has Bluetooth technology which allows streaming to and from any device.  Multiple input and output jacks allow the device to connect with larger DJ soundsystems.

Armin’s insight comes across clearly in many of the design features of the M1X-DJ System.  It features wOOx technology, which is specifically designed to be able to carry the deep bass found so often in trance music, and helps tracks transition smoothly between low-mid to high frequencies.

The M1X-DJ features a variety of features that make the mixing process as simple as it should be.  It features large touch sensitive jog wheels that recreate the feeling of authentic mixing with vinyls, and encourage the use of scratching.  You can either mix your own tunes, or let the Automix feature mix them for you, whether you use Bluetooth or plug your iPad into the dock.

Armin van Buuren staunchly continued at the IFA, ”Together, we want to inspire more people to listen to, create and share the music they love.”  A passionate product from audio masterminds, this is a device you can depend on.