【Bands IRL】Another Kitchen @ House of Vans Hong Kong

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Over the weekend House of Vans Hong Kong took place at the Central Harbourfront, BOOM was very lucky to take part in this event and even snatched the chance to talk to some of the performing acts lined for the night. House of Vans have been promoting art and music in each hustling and bustling city all around the world, hosting various workshops, art exhibitions and of course live music. This year, House of Vans invited a great selection of artists that celebrates the spirit of “Off the Wall”, first off, we talked to Another Kitchen a local indie band that has strived to create music on their own terms, to seek what Hong Kong has to offer to independent bands and to continue the fight-har spirit !

What are your views on House of Vans or the brand itself?

It’s our first time joining this event, but we have always been following the brand and their products. The vibe that they give off is very energetic and youthful, which suits perfectly well with independent bands.

How was the crowd did you enjoy the atmosphere on stage?

It was great! We finally got to play our songs through the full version, because of the great stage Vans has provided, we were usually forced to play acoustic versions due to the venue, but this stage allowed us to present to others the full versions of our songs. The crowd was awesome as well!

Have you walked around the site this year?Anything interesting that you want to tell the readers about?

There’s a workshop that teaches you to create your own vinyl player, and now I am proud to say that I own my very first vinyl player!

Any bands that you are excited to see performing live tonight?

There’s a lot, Tonick, Suger Bros, and of course KB and his gang. All in all, we think all of them are great! No one should be leaving too early!

Any exciting plans?

We are planning our new single, which would sound a little different to what we use to play, expected to be out the end of the year!