BBQ Playlist: 10 Songs for a Fabulous Group Barbecue Vibe

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December begins. Temperature gets lower. Christmas is coming.

What do you want to do when it’s getting colder while hanging out with friends and family? In fall and winter, countryside parks and beaches are very often flooded with groups of people. Probably not for swimming, but they enjoy barbecuing with the wind caressing their face. Simply because, who doesn’t love roasted marshmallows?

Although the vibe and food is more than comforting, we all know how barbecuing can be painful — Raw pork chops, covered-by-charcoal chicken wings, or accidentally dropping your fishballs off in the grill, those happen all the times. Not to mention the unpleasant waiting time for your food to be fully cooked. Plus, barbecue is the best time to swing your head off and dance til you’re hungry, because then you can indulge yourself with the lovely food again!

We’ve therefore hand-picked a list of songs for a funner and more bearable BBQ experience. Listen on!

Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love

Heat up the vibe with Thing Called Love. Nearly everything surrounds you is cold at first, even the food, so let’s Above & Beyond brings up the temperature!

Goldfish – We Come Together

This is the perfect song to celebrate the reunion of your group! You all have to match your  schedule for this barbecue. For this grand time, why not have a song for the joy of seeing your family and friends again.

 The Cat Empire – The Chariot

Imagine how painful fueling up the charcoal will be. The Chariot is the most upbeat song in this list and it’ll be a big boost while you try hard to ignite the fuel. If you’re just a watcher, sing along and give the hard-worker a boost.

  Earth, Wind & Fire – September

September’s already slipped pass us for three months. It’s actually the perfect month for barbecuing at other countries like Sweden. While Hong Kong is not cold enough for a barbecuing adventure in September, it’s a month celebrating the arrival of fall! Do you miss it?

 Matt and Kim – Cameras

Like Matt and Kim in the music video, you can be a bad-ass too! How does a fight dance sound? Better practice how they kick before you goes on barbecuing!

Smash Mouth – All Star 

Listen to All Star while roasting your chicken wings. Let Smash Mouth sings the pain away from you and brings you the joy of barbecuing.

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

With What You Know, you shouldn’t just listen to this song. Dance like they were on the music video. If you’ve got a guitar playing, even better. Your group is probably over the moon!

Imagine Dragons – Tokyo

You may find yourself singing along with Imagine Dragons about finding your soul. Well, it’s probably not in Tokyo, keeps humming, you’ll fill your heart with warm at least.

Owl City – Fireflies

Barbecuing at night gives you a reason to dodge the ever-radiating sun; but there’s way more benefits than that. Ever think of watching fireflies in the countryside while having fun? Listen Fireflies and you might actually want to see them light up !

ABBA – Dancing Queen

Dance ’til you’re hungry again! Or better, start a dancing battle and see which one of you wins! Shake harder for the crown of Dancing Queen!

For a Spotify playlist, check it out below!

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