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2018 just arrived, has 2017 made a great impact on your lives? BOOM wants to say goodbye to 2017 by celebrating some of the key persons that created a buzz within the industry or simply entertained us in 2017 and made it a better one.

Rounding up 2017 in a yearbook style, artists will have their own superlatives. As a record of their achievements this year, we have in turn gave each of them a unique signature. Instead of simply following their album sales or the number of tracks they have released in the past year to determine whether or not they have had a fruitful year or not, BOOM rather focus on how their music/ movements made a difference to the course of the music industry or even the world!

Chance the Rapper
★ Most Forward Thinking 

Chosen as one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People of 2017”, categorized as Pioneers instead of Artists, his revolutionary way of using Hip Hop as a medium transcends everybody’s expectations.

Chance upends expectations about what artists, ­especially hip-hop artists, can do. He streams his albums instead of selling them. He makes music from an unapologetically inspiring and Christian perspective—music that transcends age, race and gender. — TIME Magazine

 Katy Perry
★ Most Intimate

To celebrate the release of her album Witness, Katy Perry hosted a 96-hour live stream, to promote the ideas of authenticity, truth and reflection.

It’s an album of micro-messages, it’s chapters of my book that is still being written. — TODAY USA Interview

★ The Warrior

Kesha finds a fresh new voice after her lengthy legal battle with Dr.Luke, Rainbow is the best comeback to her previous works with a display of tracks with a refreshed and modern twist.

“I’ve written every song on this album and they’re all so personal” Kesha claimed on Good Morning America

 Bruno Mars
★ Throwback King 

Not only did Bruno Mars won the highest honor of Artist of the Year, he also bagged 7 awards in total. Bruno Mars’s songs have been throwing it back to the 70’s with riffs and rhythms all hinting towards old time jazz and R&B influences, to call his album 24K Magic a major TBT moment is the best way to describe it.

 Higher Brothers
Unforeseen Squad Goals

Coined as the Hottest Rappers in China, in a short period of time (around 1 year) the group has reached international level. Receiving critical acclaim praises from renowned MCs from all around the world, the video below says it all!

“Rap is becoming more popular in China, because the Internet is making the world closer. Higher Brothers is representing China and we want to continue putting Asia on the map.” — Interview with PAPER

 Ariana Grande
★ Most Selfless Act 

Amidst the bombing attack in Manchester on May 22nd, killing 22 and injuring over 116 people, Ariana Grande decides to host One Love Manchester to raise funds for those affected. Raising over USD $10 million for victims of the attack.

“Thank you so much for coming together and being so loving and strong and unified. I love you guys so much, and I think the kind of unity you’re displaying is the medicine the world needs right now.” — Ariana Grande

★ Speaks The Truth

Raising awareness for suicidal thoughts and depression, Logic’s “1-800” has became the staple for reminding people that they can actively seek help for any mental problems that they are facing with life.

“The most important song I’ve ever wrote.” Logic on Twitter

Kings of Social Media

BTS is in the middle of ruling the social media world. Their online presence have drove their fans all following them on social media, with a strong sense of close interaction. Any tweets mentioning BTS is guaranteed a full blown retweets and likes.

Scoring a spot in the Guinness World Record 2018 for having the world’s most Twitter engagements for a music group.

 Luis Fonsi
Catchiest Tune

“Despacito” has become the most viewed music video of all time, gaining 4.5 billion views. We are guessing that you might just be one of them.

Created the “Despacito” effect, the Latino music influence in the music charts of 2017.

Boldest Statement

Actively criticizes the BRIT Award for being too white #BritsSoWhite. Raising the problems of diversity in the music industry as a whole. Resulting in a change in voting systems.

Brought Grime music to a global recognition, and of course changed the whole culture of the Brit Awards.

 Connie Lim
Girl Power

Her acapella performance at the Women’s March in Washington, subsequently transformed the song Quiet into an unofficial anthem for the March. Documenting the same experiences women all over the world were forced to face everyday.

 The Chainsmokers
The Power of Stamina

Following their longest running track Closer recorded 52 weeks on the Billboard charts, The Chainsmokers have done it again with their single Something Just Like This feat. Coldplay, with another 43 weeks on the charts. In total their track recorded 61 weeks on the Top 10. Their tracks should join the marathon because they will for sure outrun all their competitors.

Unconventional Worksapce

Even behind bars, XXXTentacion has kept an active presence on social media, and boasted the searches on Google. Not only are his songs receiving huge applause, XXXTentacion is also becoming a cult figure, gaining fandom all over the world.  

 Fresh Off The Boat
To be continued…

Hong Kong’s local DJ event organiser Fresh Off the Boat just said their goodbyes to the audiences of Hong Kong this December, after 5 years of bringing world class acts to Hong Kong, they have decided to move onto the next chapter.

Read BOOM’s interview with the Founder Zaran Vachha here.


People search low and high for the best club in Hong Kong, and where do you turn to for advice nowadays? Well, obviously the social media, we searched on Instagram and it turns our that Dragon-i is trending furiously on social media now. If you’re in the mood for a party remember to check them out!

Most Experienced 

Artists travel everywhere for their gigs, to perform on a live stage to share their music with people all around the world. This year ANWIYCTI took travelling far, far away, all the way to Iceland as part of their Europe tour. We’re not travelling experts but we do know that the distance between Hong Kong and Iceland is significantly lengthy, so there you go, ANWIYCTI is definitely the most well travelled!

 Miley Cyrus
Most Outspoken

She went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and wrote an emotional thank-you letter to Hillary Clinton, for her ‘voice of reason in uncertain times’ and an inspiration for women. Miley is embracing authenticity this year and is a pioneer among her peers in this.

 Kris Wu
Asian Pride

On October 11, Kris dropped his new song “Deserve” featuring American rapper Travis Scott. The new release immediately takes up the iTunes charts in the United States. “Deserve” rank #1 on U.S. iTunes Top Songs chart and U.S. iTunes Hip-Hop Songs Charts.

 Dua Lipa
Voice for LGBTQ

LGBTQ supporter. Many gay clubs adopted her song New Rules into regular rotation because the music video is filled with LGBTQ related scenes. She partnered with Billboard and artists including Chainsmokers, Sia and more to create a video of pro-transgender in response to President Trump’s announcement of a ban on transgender soldiers in the US.

 Pharrell Williams
Most Hyped Up

Williams collaborated with Louis XIII to produce a new song “100 years”, the song’s idea is about the importance of environmental protection. This song will not be release until 2117, until now Williams only performance this song once in a private party. That’s one way to get your music all hyped up!


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