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French producer Onra has always been a kind of mystery to many of the audience, never one to go into much detail about his music and on-going projects, at least not in the year of 2017. We haven’t heard much from Onra until Clockenflap announced him as part of their expansive lineup this year. BOOM was very lucky to get hold of the ever busy beatmaker that has been travelling through the world, who also found the time to sample the heaps of Vinyls to finally complete his ‘Chinoiseries’ trilogy after a 10 year run.

In our short but insightful online chat, we got to know more about the Parisian Hip Hop beatmaker, who seems to have all the time in the life to be able to cram all this exciting new materials in such a short timeframe, and to the lucky fans in Hong Kong, Onra will be making his way to Hong Kong, to join in the fun at Clockenflap 2017. Let’s see what Onra has been up to in the recent months leading up to his well-anticipated arrival on the stage of Clockenflap!

Are you excited to join in the party for Clockenflap this year?

I’m just very excited to come out and play in Hong Kong.

What are your thoughts on this festival (Clockenflap)?

I think it’s one of the best festivals in Asia, so it’s an honour for me to be part of it.

Any special tracks/ music styles that we can look out for in your set?

A mix of 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B, 80’s Funk… a bit of chinese beats from the Chinoiseries project to end my set. 2 MPC’s, 100% my own music. The same as usual!

Onra’s final part to the Chinoiseries project, projects a lot of Chinese sources, which over the length of 10 years have shown the changes and growth in Onra’s skill set and style.

How do you view the music scene in Hong Kong, would you like to collaborate with anyone in particular?

I don’t know anything about the music scene in Hong Kong unfortunately.

What do you look for in collaborators?

I don’t really look for collaborators and I just let things happen by themselves. Very busy with my own stuff already!

How would you describe your music style in your own words?

Tough one… I think it’s raw but elegant, intricate but straight to the point, simple but elaborate. In other words, tasty shit!

Onra’s Boiler Room live set, with Red Bull Music Academy.

How do you usually draw inspiration for your music?

From the samples I find and from memories, life experiences.

Would there be any new materials that you will debut in Clockenflap?

I will play some exclusives, some new stuff from upcoming projects and albums… depends how long they let me play and at what time!

NBN’s new release “doe quarterz”

Any exciting plans for the near future that you can tell us about?

I just started my new label NBN Records, I’m really excited about the artists I have on there. Fitz Ambrose was our first release and it’s banging. My new album is coming out on the label in a few months too.

If you want to see Onra live in action, catch him on the 18th November, 2017 at the Clockenflap stage. Tickets are now available on Ticketflap

Clockenflap 2017

Date: 17th-19th November 
Venue: Central Harbor front

For more information please visit Clockenflap’s website.


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