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If you wanted to find one word to describe Peking Duk, it’s like trying to fit a square cube into a circular hole. The eccentric duo Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles gives off a very relaxed and chill vibe, for most electronic dance music duo you’d expect an icier front, but for them it was all smiles and laughter. The ARIA-award winning pair has caught Australia in a gust of rock-infused electronic wind. Now they are bringing their electrifying and energy-filled live sets all around the globe, taking on more live sets through festivals and shows all around the world.  

Photograph credits to Ryan Sauer

Just wrapped up their performance on It’s The Ship —  “one of the craziest parties we’ve been to, you get to know everyone and it’s more of a community kind of vibe, it makes it different and fun”,–  and in the midst of their Asian Tour, the duo sat down with BOOM to talk — more like a jamming session, as the two broke out into song about their views on Hong Kong “not a better place to clown than Hong Kong town”–  about their recent success in two new singles Let You Down ft. Icona Pop and Stranger ft. Elliphant, upcoming challenges and their big plans for the year 2018!

When asked about the crowds in different places of the world, Busan stood out fresh in their minds. “They had a weirdly traditional way to enjoy club music, it’s sort of a courting ritual” remembering the dance moves vividly whilst performing on stage, the duo claims that in general “crowds in Asia have as much energy, if not more energy than the crowds in Australia” Not only the crowds have been a surprise surgence to club music, Asian artists have also been shooting up to the EDM scene, 88 Rising is one the firsts to catch Peking Duk’s eyes when noticing the lineup at It’s The Ship, “they have been doing amazing stuff, it’s the last place you’ll think of Hip Hop, but they’re all smashing it! ” it’s great to hear that the Hip Hop/ EDM scene in Asia is reaching new heights.

Talking about their successful singles Let You Down ft. Icona Pop and Stranger ft. Elliphant, the pair seemed to be surprised with the outcome “when we wrote the songs we knew it was special, but didn’t know it would be such a success.” One thing you find that stood out were the creative process on how these hits were made, it’s that there’s no rules to the team “it was a simple end result of a day in Stockholm with some beers and great people.” said Reuben, his thoughts on Stranger, it all comes naturally and inspiration does not hold any bounds, “inspiration is hard to say where it comes from usually it’s not from music, but feeling and emotions.” Truly, creativity knows no bounds and that’s what makes Peking Duk it’s own sound.

The year 2018 is going to be a big one for Peking Duk, as the pair prepares to release a brand new album, a more polished live show with bigger and better quality, and to quote Drake “just more life”! We’ll be looking out for Peking Duk’s new projects in the new year and wish them all the best!  

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