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Tujamo #46 on DJ Mags’ Top 100, is known for his energetic sounds and remixes, or on a more relatable note, his single “Dr.Who” in collaboration with Plastik Funk and Sneakbo.

Recently Tujamo embarked on his China tour journey, passing by all the towns and cities including Beijing, Macau and Shenzhen, making his tour one of the longest running tour in Asia.

BOOM was very to lucky to have caught Tujamo in his busy schedule, to talk about his views on music, the on-going tour and also his fast-track success in the industry, being one of the fastest growing DJs to have climbed up DJ Mag Top 100’s ladder!  

How is your tour going so far? Any stops that really surprised you on the way?

The tour has been non stop and insane! I think that China surprised me, as I was the second DJ to tour there. It was such an honour. The dance music scene in Asia at the moment is so exciting.

Let’s start off with an obvious question, what does the name Tujamo stand for? Any special meaning behind it?

The name is a mixture of letters of the names of a friend of mine and me. Back in the days we wanted to do this project as a duo, but it did not work out in the end. I really loved the name though, and continued using it, which he was fine with.

What made you decide to take on DJ-ing as your career?

It was something I always wanted to do, so it wasn’t necessarily a decision I actively took. There wasn’t another option. I was surprised how quickly my career excelled. I’m pretty lucky for that!

Your track “Dr. Who” ft. Plastik Funk and Sneakbo have brought you into the charts and gaining more recognition, how has it affected your career?

It was the beginning of a serious adventure!

You have collaborated with many artists, if you could invite anyone dead or alive to work with who would you choose and why?

Oh, there are so many. But I would definitely like to sit down with Daft Punk one day. All their work has been inspiring for me, in one way or another. I have the biggest respect for their work, their forward thinking way of making music and creating new genres.

How is your creative process, where do you usually get your inspiration from?

I think that my inspiration changes. It’s quite hard to find inspiration when you’re working so much – and focusing on that. One on One definitely reflected my life, and the summer I was about to have. I guess that’s where my inspiration came from.

How do you feel about your placement on the DJ Mag Top 100?

Seriously excited! Can’t believe I have jumped so many places in three years. It’s such a good feeling after so much hard work.

Any new talent that you know of that you wish to tell our readers about?

I can only say‚ smiie’. You should definitely go check out his music. Super innovative original and remixes coming from him.

Lastly, any exciting plans for 2018 you can share with us?

Got some serious stuff coming up. More touring, more fun, more more more.

BOOM looks forward to Tujamo’s new plans for the fresh year, for now let’s listen to some of the amazing remixes of his hit single “One on One” featuring Sorana.