DJ Whoo Kid uncovered – Famous hip-hop personality opens up about his life and work

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He is one of the most influential men in the world of hip-hop. A prolific DJ, producer and radio host, he is now working as a resident DJ in various locations across the world, including the United States and the Emirates.

DJ Whoo Kid is a real hip-hop legend.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, he has built himself a career that spans over three decades.

His relationship with the New York City scene, especially in the Nineties, was a huge influence on his music and career.

“In my neighborhood I would see 2Pac going up and down on my block to my neighbor who produced music,” he explains. “LL Cool J lived two blocks up, Russell Simmons lived a few blocks south to Hollis with RUN DMC. I saw many legends all day, which influenced me into getting in the entertainment biz.”

On top of being a very famous DJ and producer, DJ Whoo Kid is a popular radio host at Shade 45, Eminem’s hip-hop channel on SiriusXM.

Radio hosting is hard work. It requires a constant attention to new trends and a lot of research. This is how Whoo Kid gets these complex tasks organized: “I enjoy getting all the new music first from every A-List artist so I can always be updated on new music and see where the music is transitioning to. That’s how I’ve learned to assimilate and survive 20 years of Hip Hop.”

Hip-hop is not DJ Whoo Kid’s only interest, though. He is quite popular for his appearance in a lot of famous video-games.

Gaming and music are often intertwined, as Whoo Kid himself suggests: “Games do influence music, especially from NBA 2k. They have all the cool hip hop songs on while you play it,” and he adds: “I’m a Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto fan!”.

All this success comes at a price, though. Self-discipline is crucial to jungle between one task to another.

DJ Whoo Kid has an established working routine, involving radio work, marketing work and then touring. He sticks to his routine every day and the results are for everyone to see.

Part of this working routine is dedicated to mixtapes. “Usually the process of creating a mixtape is mostly hopped on the artist,” Whoo Kid explains. “I give them pointers on how long the tape should be and ANR the music.”

Many artists featured in his mixtapes became very popular (50 Cent, to name one) and DJ Whoo Kid became a role model for many artists willing to make it in the hip-hop world.

But who did he look up to as a kid?

“Loved Michael Jackson,” he says. “Such an energetic, moving and powerful individual. Made me look at music in open format.”

This openness has surely helped DJ Whoo Kid achieve incredible results.

“It gets crazier every year. I met Nelson Mandela, Djed by the Pyramids of Egypt, hung out with Michael Jackson himself and toured the entire planet with 50 Cent and Eminem.”

Of course, his incredible experience allows him to look at the industry with a critical eye, when necessary.

“Back in the days hungry talent was deserved success due to work ethics and hopes of making it big,” he says when asked how did the scene change throughout the years. “Now you can be a star with social media and silly antics but there are some talent amongst the ignorance.”

He has also some good advice for young people wanting to make it in the hip-hop world: “Learn how to read a crowd, think out the box and know that first impression is everything. Oh and find or link with an artist.”

In conclusion, DJ Whoo Kid gives us some details about his future plans, including his work in the business sector: “Touring and teaming up with a company for a few more years! Fashion, toys, gaming. Then end on Radio.”

We surely can’t wait to hear more from this legend!

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