Doooshiyoooo!!: Japanese Psych-Pop Band Tempalay Comes to Hong Kong

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Psychedelic pop band Tempalay, the up and coming next big thing on the Japanese scene, are back with a new album, What a Wonderful World.

Their exclusive blend of synth pop, distorted guitars and electronic sounds caught the attention of an international audience, which led the trio to perform at one of the most important festivals in the United States, the infamous SXSW (2016), and tour China twice.

Only one year after their formation, Tempalay played one of the main stages in Japan, the Fuji Rock Festival, sharing the bill with huge names, such as Foo Fighters, Motorhead, Muse and many more.

After their first album, from JAPAN (2016), and their progressive expansion towards new markets, they released the EP 5 Kyoku and another album, from JAPAN 2 (2017).

Ryoto Ohara (voice and guitar), Yuya Takeuchi (bass), and Natsuki Fujimoto (drums) have now released a new album and keep touring many different countries and continents. They will also perform in TTN, Hong Kong this December.

We took advantage of their traveling to Hong Kong to meet Ryoto Ohara for a few questions on Tempalay’s project and vision.

What a Wonderful World, their latest album, was anticipated by the release of the single Doooshiyoooo!!, a catchy synth pop tune accompanied by an interesting and very cinematic video. “It is a song of desire,” Ryoto Ohara explains, adding David Fincher’s Fight Club as a reference for what he means.

Visuals have a major role in Tempalay’s creative process. “We share and share image pictures and scenes in words. After that, we assemble each free phrase,” he explains, without leaving out an important detail: “I am drinking most of the rest.”

Frequent touring also has an interesting impact on the life of this bunch of young musicians. Ryoto explains how cool it is to “convey raw impressions that can not be packaged,” while on the road. “The other thing is the charm of traveling, meeting new people, scenery and food.”

So, what does Tempalay expect from their time in Hong Kong? “I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of Kung Fu the crowd will show off,” the lead singer and guitarist jokes. “I’m interested in the Hong Kong music scene, as I don’t know anything about it.”

But the funniest crowd is probably the American one, Ryoto states reminding Tempalay’s set at SXSW. “They enjoyed the show with alcohol. I feel like live house should be the original. That is different from Japan.”

If their catchy answers and their catchy songs got your attention, you can see them live on December 15th at This Town Needs (TTN). Tickets available on Boom Ticketing:

Tempalay Live in Hong Kong

15.12.2018, 7:30pm
TTN (This Town Needs)
Advanced HKD320 | Door HKD420

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