My Usual Criticism Towards Men Definitely Comes from the Relationship I Had with My Dad – Trace

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TRACE is the daughter of Saigon Soul icon Kim, a.k.a. the “Tina Turner of Vietnam”. TRACE’s mother Carol Kim famously sang for the United States soldiers during the Vietnam war in 1975, where she later packed up and moved to the states where she meet TRACE’S father in California.

Kim had raised TRACE on her own and imparted in her the vocal talent and strength and self confidence to raise her voice and represent herself as unequivocally talented. TRACE exists in a very different world of moody, beat-driven, R & B – pop. She writes her own music also.

An interview with TRACE had shown her feelings and experience towards personal things and her music.

Looking on the fact that TRACE had grown up with a single parent, one will want to know how it was for her growing up. This is what she had to say.

Growing up the only child with my mom made life kind of uniquely special. When she wasn’t at work and I wasn’t at school we would hang out. I actually liked my mom (haha), so we would go shopping, go to the movies, play tennis. Life felt in a odd way simpler for the most part with just the two of us.

Reminiscing on how much bondage TRACE had shared with her mother, would she say the best gift her mother ever gave her was her vocal talent?

I would say the best gift my mother ever gave me was autonomy and freedom growing up (I also definitely say I have her vocal talent), how she raised me allowed me to be curious, to explore life through a creative lens – I suppose her gift to me fuels my dreaming disposition.

TRACE writes her own lyrics, some singers hire song writers to do this for them, but TRACE’s inspiration to write and sing is different.

Relationship, interaction with people, lessons about myself, these things gives me fuel to write. I think ultimately I’m inspired by telling the truth in either a brutal, entertaining and/or personalized way.

TRACE didn’t have to feel much love from her father, and has complicated relationship with men which was revealed in her new single “Side Eye”, is her complicated relationship with men as a result of the kind of relationship she had with her father?

My usual criticism towards men definitely comes from the relationship I had with my Dad growing up for sure! That’s a big part. I think we all can be guilty of generalizing certain things due to our personal experiences. It’s not fair but I think it’s valid – especially in my case.

TRACE is a young and pretty singer, any mother would want the best of everything for her only daughter, see what TRACE has to say about how much support Carol Kim as given her so far.

My mom has been in the industry for over forty years, so she has experience getting older and becoming less *in demand” in her career. What I’ve been advised on when it comes to something so inevitable like aging, or reasonable expectations and standards e.t.c is that you have to know the thing that is good about you remains despite the external changes – or even judgements. I’d say her support feels unconditional, ultimately I will say, she does wish I’d wear more make-up (but that is like an Asian mom thing!) I guess say I rate her support as high enough.

Basically all singer wants to build a great level of career with a certain level of motivation, this is TRACE’s motivation in building hers.

That’s a great question. Aside from wanting to take care of my mom and family financially, I think it’s getting to share some truth of mine in hope it can allow whoever listens to feel less alone. People would be my motivation.

Obviously TRACE is human, everyone wishes for something in one way or the other, guess TRACE’s wish.

Hah, I feel like an fighting the urge to filter, I want so much. I want everything. I’ll go with my own home tucked in the hills somewhere with all my student loans paid off and a ten day trip to Paris (right before getting ready to play Coachella). Sorry, I cheated.

Every songwriter and singer had the first song they wrote and the story behind the first song, this is the storybehind TRACE’s first song

The first song I wrote in general has never been heard by anyone and it was about missing someone who was away at war. Hahaha. Of the songs that are released I believe my first song was “Heavy Shoulders”. It’s about growing up and knowing better and with that life gets heavier and harder.

For all the young rising singers, TRACE has this to say.

I’d want to emphasize that you have a voice no matter what you sound like. Practically though,  if you can’t sing well like at all, there are always lessons. I never grew up wanting to be a singer and am grateful I can carry a tune just fine but I wouldn’t consider myself a “great singer.” I say this because I think sometimes we can feel like if we aren’t Christina Aguilera or something, we aren’t singers or shouldn’t sing. I say, just try it out. You might be able to get away with it like me! But use your voice one way or another.

TRACE definitely leave out a compliment towards those that loves what she’s doing and supports her, she says you guys should always expect this from her

A consistent exposing of self and honesty that will sting or soothe. Hopefully both.